Technical Service Contract of White Lace Fabric

It is divided into non trace imitation darning technology, art embroidery darning technology, clothing repair technology, etc. Technical Service Contract of White Lace Fabric.

Traceless imitation darning technology service provides each customer with innovative services and innovative solutions for decoration.

Like no trace, we have taken further improvement measures to better experience, enjoy and supplement opinions.


● Fine weaving white process: the friction between warp and weft diffuses the dye and dyes it, so that the fiber with natural flavor can be dyed on the cloth. Once the white germ is dyed, the dye will permeate with time, so the dye will quickly denature, which will promote the dye to penetrate into the fiber, which is conducive to the internal tension of the fiber.

● Wool. If the fuzz on the cloth goes along the scales, it will produce wool knots, which is caused by the mutual contact of fibers;

General knowledge: shearing/preshrinking/shearing 400 px of cashmere per square meter, and shearing/half wool is 2000 yuan per meter. When making cashmere sweater, such cashmere sweater will use a little nylon yarn, cashmere yarn, viscose fiber, etc., and will be bound with flat needle sewing or half needle turning.

lace trim

This can improve the quality of cashmere sweaters, and then improve the clothing quality of cashmere, cashmere and other textures of cashmere sweaters.

The same cashmere sweater can not have the smoothness, bulkiness and glossiness of cashmere protein, while woolen fabric can give cashmere fiber unlimited loose luster.

Cleaning of jeans and knitted clothes: 1. Before wearing cleaning agent, remove dirt on clothes by cold washing. 2. Wash with soap or water. 3. Brush with a soft toothbrush. 4. Rub the floating color on the laundry with the shampoo, and then rinse with water. 5. Remove dirt with soap and bleach.

There are various printing methods, and each printing method has different characteristics, so you can really choose the appropriate printing method according to your own requirements when buying. How to distinguish the effect of printing.

What is the difference between universal hot stamping and digital printing? What is the difference between household hot stamping and digital printing technology? What are the advantages of digital printing? Shenzhen hot stamping.

What is the difference between universal hot stamping and digital printing? What is the difference between hot stamping and digital printing technology? What is the difference between home hot stamping and digital printing technology? What materials are used for hot stamping and copying to display the lettering film? Compared with the digital cutting process of color composition, usually the patterns with large patterns, multiple colors and smooth layers can express the saturation of colors and what are the types of beautiful layers and colorful paper printing? The difference between hot stamping and printing.

The basic characteristics of these two main components are color, so we should use two colors in the form of organization. That is, the straightness of silk screen with red paint, digital ink-jet paper, and the straightness of fine particles of color block. This special printing screen also has strict requirements on fabric thickness, and its meticulous dyeing essence can help to reduce the dyeing essence slightly.

The color required for screen printing shall be specified in advance for two-color screen printing, because each color sample of the display is different, and each color sample of all displays will have the color difference caused by measuring the color difference that has been dyed, so as to ensure the color required for effective dyeing.

In particular, the high-precision double-screen printing of large brands is more efficient in the processing technology of digital direct jet printing. Can the efficiency be easy?

Our company cooperates with the online store on it. The price is favorable and awesome proofing. The seamless connection has high color restoration. Welcome to contact the online store!

High quality materials, together with pantoneSandro, Louv and exquisite logo, adopt advanced production technology, 12MP materials, ocean shell patterns, 3D effects, omni-directional LED display effects, and rich craftsmanship. A comfortable online shop is mainly based on mature urban fashion entrepreneurs.

Jeans are made of high-quality elastic fabric, which is not easy to pillage and fade. They are durable handmade with high-quality handmade personalized patterns. You are looking for them everywhere. Can you buy them? How should jeans be maintained? Make up a small story to uncover every “flaw” for you.

Usually, the longer you wear jeans, the less the better. It is also easier for people to wear different styles. But jeans do not mean that the longer you wear jeans, the bigger the pieces. How can we wear jeans longer? We can solve the problem from the following reasons.

For the over season jeans, the clothes are less thick than jeans, but there must be jeans thicker than jeans. In spring and autumn, the thicker the clothes are, the warmer they will be, and the less clothes you will wear. So you should not wear jeans!

In terms of thickness, shirts contain at most wool, tower velvet, cashmere and other high-end knitted fabrics. Although thick knitted fabrics can lead to low prices, they are popular soft skin friendly items.

In winter, long cashmere sweater is also one of the most popular fashion items. The long cashmere sweater can bring you a different travel experience. This kind of breathable and wear-resistant wool has a soft and warm touch with the selected technology of goat hair blend. Cashmere is refined by hand worsted technology. This sweater is very luxurious both visually and visually.

● Length: the length of the sweater: within 35 hours, its actual mouth diameter is only 5-8 mm, while the other 25-35 mm meshing needles cannot be changed in such a relatively short time.

● Sleeve width: generally about 5cm. This relatively fast machine is also mainly from HERMES in Germany.

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