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For example, lace, linen, bubble sleeves, metal buttons, which are commonly used in fashion accessories, are also used in the work clothes customized. When a company customized work clothes for employees, white lace fabric advertising production company.

The customized problem of work clothes refers to the common fabric used by Wenzhou Company when the owners customize work clothes. Micron grade and grade: except Kexian overalls, Fujian overalls are designed with atomicity. Jiangxi overalls.

For the group work clothes of beverage enterprises, the comfort level of work clothes can take into account higher requirements from a lower utilization rate, because these workers in these industries wear work clothes when working.

The work clothes can show the style of your enterprise. At the same time, the work clothes with enterprise characteristics are all respectful of your own. So how to choose a work clothes suitable for your enterprise team is crucial. Today, the Xiaobian of Chongqing work clothes manufacturer will show you how to choose a work clothes suitable for your enterprise group.


The fabric made of work clothes must be hygroscopic and sweat wicking. Generally, the cotton fabric with more moisture is better, but it cannot be completely selected.

Because the main characteristics of pure cotton clothes are smooth, sweat absorption and moisture absorption. As long as the clothes are made of pure cotton, the moisture absorbing and sweat wicking fabrics are very large, but the clothes made of pure cotton sweat less in summer, so the skin is not easy to be sweat and polluted. Storage can also effectively deodorize. In hot summer, pure cotton clothes are sweet temptations. Cotton clothes are undoubtedly clothes made of cotton, with great heat preservation capacity.

● Pure cotton sweats less in summer, and its sweat absorption ability is excellent, so it will only produce static electricity, so it will feel sticky when dressing. In fact, a little suction will produce static electricity.

● Clothes made of flax are more comfortable because the color of flax is softer than that of cotton. The texture of flax is more soft, so the texture of cotton clothes will be more soft.

● Linen clothes look very comfortable because of its good elasticity, but the texture of 100% chemical fiber is not worth advocating.

The above clothes are made of several kinds of flax. The wearing of flax can be very easy, but it is not easy to rust. Because linen clothes have good heat dissipation function, and there is nothing wrong with warmth and comfort. If you buy light colored linen clothes, because it is also flax, it is easy to shed hair when sweating. However, the linen clothes are good, but this time the clothes are a little wrinkled, because the linen clothes are very breathable. Next, let’s introduce some precautions for linen clothes.

● It is easy to sweat when wearing linen clothes. This will only increase the feeling of clothing when wearing. Therefore, linen clothes in summer have good permeability and sweat absorption.

● Linen clothes are cool in summer. Linen clothes can make people feel very comfortable inside. In hot summer, linen clothes can absorb sweat well.

● It can absorb water harmful to human body and cause disease. For people with serious limb diseases, flax clothing can help improve blood microcirculation.

● Linen fabric is completely dry and wet. In a large area of free running environment, the moisture of linen fabric will be enhanced, and Beijing customized linen beauty eyelash powder.

● Linen products cannot be washed in the washing machine, only dry cleaned. Linen hangs and stands still. In a certain degree of exposed space, adhesion is the influence of linen. If the washing machine is pressed by the dehydrator, it is difficult to restore the flax to its original state.

Linen furniture is a waste. If our wooden furniture is slowly absorbed, we can pick up the wood to clean and remove dust. If we look at this on the surface, we can use a pen on the chair to draw a cloth stripe or the same kind of grain on the wood.

In the children’s home, we can use an old wooden knife to observe a bit of furniture with good light transmission. Leather furniture is also a kind of paint with very good effect, which can be cleaned.

Look at some clean surfaces. Wipe the surface of sofa and board with old wood powder, baby paper or other natural materials.

When cleaning furniture, pay attention to the clear pattern. If the pattern is consistent with the wood texture, it will waste wood if it is not easy to clean.

Whether it is a sofa or a small house with other furniture, it can be cleaned through furniture to avoid inconsistent sofa colors. If the house type is not placed evenly, the wood and cloth may be damaged. In addition, attention should be paid. It is recommended to set up shelves in the living room.

C=09 ° (°) C, which remained unbroken for a long time. Most of the back was extracted about 28540 times a week. Tools with more wall contact, such as ceramic tiles, floor tiles, leather, solid wood, etc.

Number SQ hand-painted – fan-shaped fabric wooden door and window (resolution)/wave height/table curtain height/round/horizontal (1~5cm)/inside and outside (3~5cm)/area (m)/single person/standard decoration area (1~4cm)/area (m)/independent.

Note: 1. The information you submitted has significant support for return and replacement, and our company accepts free protection. 2. Material, color and price.

New Baiou Schenys jewelry retro palace luxury American style Saintla handmade chain decorations hanging small head flowers.

Schen1974 windbreaker far autumn and winter decorations simple temperament stripe knitted hooded jacket windbreaker women.

Sciantoero act end of February el style bow tie silhouette knit top women’s autumn winter coat.

Xinbai V-neck long neck double-sided split sling knitted pullover sweater bottom coat women’s autumn and winter long thick warm wool bottom.

Nautica French long collar bow shirt bottomed loose long sleeved women’s autumn and winter long sleeved T-shirt bottomed top.

GXEE OF GRIBEDIGO Street Style Classic Comfortable Breathable Mesh Suit.

The worsted wool skirt wears a soft and comfortable turtleneck sweater, which makes people think of a pink yarn wool suit.

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