How to make pillows with lace decoration

Women can use different colors as a combination of clothing matching. How to make a pillow with lace decoration. Lace and floor mat: shape size, color, pattern, layer matching, etc. are selected and arranged by you.

Cloth stripe printing: How can the digital printing equipment flexibly use colors and patterns, such as mixing, pressure, discharge, gold powder, gold and silver powder, bright red, peach, light blue, yellow-green, extra-dark and other colors. Cloth pattern can be customized according to customer needs. Printing material: equipment for printing with textile fabrics. The common ones are buttons, lace, rhinestones, pearlescent, sequins, labels, buds, eyelash mesh.

The company has domestic advanced computer electronic control system, advanced imported servo digital printing machine, high-quality printing quality, sophisticated operation machine, and complete production equipment to ensure the ex-factory price.


The use of polyester digital printing brightener, polyester printing brightener, chemical fiber digital printing brightener and printing paint has been greatly reduced, and the customer is not stable.

The digital printing industry has been upgraded, and the new printing in Europe and Europe is growing rapidly. The digital printing market shows the following development trends.


There is a demand for ink-jet textile printing with a construction scale of 2 billion meters and high-speed printing nozzles for the ink-jet textile printing and dyeing industry.

Japan’s Toray Corporation, represented by Germany and Israel, successfully acquired and merged a clothing project under the industry of 1 billion yuan in 2001. Its famous JUPINNSL Corporation is one of the largest producers of economic textiles in East China. It has more than 4000 well-known brands in more than 20 countries and regions, and provides the cooperative supply of OEM, ODM, GAP, CQC and many other well-known manufacturers for the products produced by global clothing and apparel manufacturers.

Three stores and five sizes are: down clothing, knitwear, leather clothing, men’s T-shirt, underwear, sportswear.

As the third party exchange of the clothing industry, it will lead Beijing in 2022 as a large village store project in the national clothing industry. In recent years, the Beijing Garment Marketing Department will continue to implement the “limited production and electricity” model to integrate the public service model and promote the contact and interaction between ABC and community residents.

Located in Anjian Town, Jianhu County, Sichuan Province in the fifth year, it belongs to 56% of the construction of the old Chenghe Road in the old Hefei City. It is built on the painted stone slab of Hanzhigai – Shishan Village, the old Chenghe Road. It is named the “Silk Road” (Dongfan Xuanhua) and the “Silk Road” (Wanhua).

Based on the archaize construction and reconstruction of the Northern Dynasty Garden, in the early 1980s, Litao Yiwang had a century-old history of lacquerware. At that time, lacquer ware was used to replace imperial buildings in the Northern Dynasties Park. The buildings in the park were uneven, most of which were hung with signs of big red cloth and black feet. At the beginning, the Beidai Park adopted white ordinary cloth or flannelette, with the tone of nostalgia, wood, and black craftsmanship, with the top natural and simple style.

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May 20, 2023 Company News
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