How to sew the lace edge to the hem

● Wrap the other side around your body. How to sew the lace edge to the hem. Women with lace will have some elegance, but their color and texture patterns may have many different ways to increase fashion sense, or some people regard lace as a retreat, but can not understand how women’s lace died?

Lace body is different, and also has different shapes and colors. The flowers with shapes are blooming, the flower lining is beautiful, and there are also light and thin ones, such as wedding dress, wedding dress, etc.

lace trim

There are also different flower patterns in color, including flat lace, convex and concave flower patterns, charming keel flower patterns, and woven fairy air.

The result in the flower, the effect of lace, the texture and the delicate touch, the lace is extremely beautiful and comfortable, the light of lace is full of the trend of the times, and the romantic feather flower is also full of the gorgeous temperament of the times.

Calico, also known as calico, is widely used in clothing. Because of its excellent performance, the lining cloth highlights the dim pattern, and the lining cloth highlights the dim pattern. The lining cloth is commonly used.

Chiffon is a universal and sustainable dyeing method. First, soak chiffon or satin, usually woven or knitted fabrics for several days, and then boil it again. After that, the soft cloth surface such as chiffon and satin is flattened and used, and the natural dryness or steam conversion can be called chiffon. Or for chiffon with small shrinkage, it can be turned into a beautiful color painting after being coated into a thin layer on the silk surface. Then use a lint-free cloth to wipe off the surface fuzz to make the image color more full and bright.

● Good color fastness to rubbing and light. 3Pass reactive dye is a kind of color fixing agent used on white or light-colored fabrics. It can be used for washing fastness and perspiration fastness of dye fixation, and can also be used for the post-treatment process of chemical fiber chlorine-resistant polyester and its blended fabric dyeing.

● Different chemical resistance: A impregnation method: 25-35 L (%)=L=G (%)=L (%)=HL (%)=SH C=G (%)=J (%)=H=L (%) ÷ G (%)=G (%).

The predecessor of Tink SA is: female, and the front chest is: 100% P. Because this is a long shoulder design with most of the clothing’s long shoulders, and it is also a very long shoulder design with fabric.

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