What is water-soluble lace fabric

Jeans will shrink, but the degree of shrinkage is different. Denim is a kind of washable fabric. What is water-soluble lace fabric.

● The fibers that can not be absorbed by the washed and discharge color make the color of the fabric flat, and the flat surface of the fabric is like the newly installed satin.

The denim factory generally selects the indigo denim truck goods of this model, and individual small units only use the indigo dyeing station on UGG of the denim factory.

● Generally, after washing, the cotton cloth will be fuzzed or cracked after being washed or rubbed for a long time, and the cotton fabric will be damaged, resulting in fiber delamination. Therefore, it is better for cowboys to wash with a washing machine.

● The water temperature should not be too high during washing to avoid delamination due to high temperature. If it is not washed in time, it will cause delamination and make jeans off-line.

● Some elastic fabrics are woven with core-spun yarn. The yarn is bulky and the cloth surface has a lot of plush. Pay attention not to be too heavy when washing to prevent excessive fuzzing.

● Do not wash it too heavy. Do not wash it with other coarse clothes to prevent deformation, excessive fuzzing, and being scratched and scratched. It is better to wash it separately.

● The light and thin fabric has thin texture and low elasticity. When wearing it, Nissan should pay attention to prevent hard objects from hooking and causing holes.

● Do not wash it too heavy, and do not wash it with other coarse clothes, so as to avoid deformation and excessive fuzzing.

● The light and thin fabric has thin texture and low composition, which is convenient for cleaning. When washing, first use cold water (steam) to clean the clothes or the detergent, and then use warm water to wash them, so as to avoid damaging the expansion part of the cloth.

● The fabric of clothing is to keep light color clothing, in order to prevent the fabric from being damaged. If the clothes and trousers are close to the local area, fasten the two sides, and leave a small elastic at the seam, it should be prevented from turning over, and the elastic through should be put down at will to form an elastic lining and prevent clamping the clothes and trousers.


● Shoe cutting workshop: put the shoes flat on the heels, squeeze the heels out with four insoles, and the soles are fully covered.

● The tightness of the rib at the neckline and cuffs of the sweater is continuously carried out to eliminate the unevenness of the rib on the knitted fabric.

● The tightness of the rib at the neckline, cuffs and hem of denim clothing is continuously carried out to eliminate the unevenness of the rib on knitwear.

● The neckline, cuffs and back neckline of denim clothing shall be customized to eliminate the tightness of knitted fabric and avoid the tightness.

lace trim

● Use of knitted fabrics. Due to the use of more yarns, the dyeing of knitted fabrics is uneven, which makes the color of fabric stripes lighter, thus affecting the color of the fabric.

● This kind of knitted fabric is used for the yarn used for dyeing, so that the yarn has a certain thickness, and through some equipment processing, to achieve the effect of avoiding the mixed thread or infiltration of knitted fabric and knitted fabric.

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