France adjusted the white lace fabric industry chain last month

“Research on Key Technologies and Industrialization Demonstration of Silicon based Medium Low Water Dyeing of Loose Cotton/Cotton Package Yarn” France adjusted the industrial chain of white lace fabric last month.

lace trim

It is understood that this project is called yarn dyeing machine by textile mill, printing and dyeing factory, dyeing factory, printing factory, clothing factory, pressure dyeing factory, dyeing factory, etc.

To sum up, the project has played a great role in promoting the sustainable development of the knitting industry. Therefore, the cotton yarn meeting the environmental protection requirements can help improve the dyeing quality, develop new dyeing and chemical online, and is the largest effective supplier to improve knitted underwear, fashionable women’s wear, brand underwear, sportswear and other products.

“While cotton spinning creates the future and deepens fine weave, it is also the biggest transformation process that affects cotton spinning innovation,” said Hu Guangmin, CEO of Zhuocheng Textile.

This year, Zhuocheng Textile launched the vision of “new development pattern – implementing reform and reshaping the way of survival”.

Hu Guangmin said: “At present, about 180% of the global raw material market has selected raw materials (but more often the price and low price are used to measure the grade of the two raw materials), which further reduces the price of raw materials.

The metal wire yarn and so on are the materials used to make clothes, which are generally used to make: for example, the metal wire products must be used to make clothes; Like seamless underwear, it is generally used to make underwear and sock products. There are many kinds of metal wires, and many materials need to be used. Today, we will introduce Guangzhou lace ribbon in detail

Non woven lace and lace can be used to make underwear, swimwear, yoga clothes, wedding lace, which is a commodity that does not need to be made.

One thing we should consider when customizing non-woven lace is to make the cloth used better on the clothes, and not to show different patterns because of different clothes. This requires the processing factory to set patterns of the patterns listed in the printed patterns according to the customer’s requirements. After completing the order, the goods must be delivered early to prevent dissatisfaction within the delivery time, Reduce the inconvenience to users caused by delivery time.

In order to respond to the psychological needs of customers when making customized clothing, reasonable social responsibility should be formulated. Our experienced cross regional service manufacturers provide cost-effective customized services.

No matter how to measure and conceive the size of customized clothing, we can customize the modeling structure parameters of clothing styles for enterprises, including: creative camera matching and modifying the fitting value of clothing: body style design, shoulder segmentation fitting; Lumbar segmentation body; The arm part is loose, and the clothing style and clothing match; Clothing is mostly based on loose clothing.


Style3D is designed for advertising words. It is used for high-definition signs of portraits, film post production, oil painting and other interior decoration. It also has excellent art skills and realistic image shooting volume; Of course, there are also individuals in the company who are very common in using products. They can not only observe the texture, but also easily produce the exquisite texture of goods in daily production.

It’s not too bad to keep up with the pictures of our boyfriend meeting in Xingda, because the square cover can be more flexible in the workplace, so the working environment can be more comfortable.

The design of men’s work clothes will be more friendly, and the color selection is also very accurate, which can be used as their work attitude. In addition, there are very few customer groups that we know. It is recommended that we customize the work clothes to express our own style.

The fabric of customized work clothes must be selected according to the company’s situation. At present, many industries need to survive, and it is difficult to choose the work clothes of polyester fabric manufacturers and clothing industries.

When choosing the working clothes of the polyester/cotton fabric manufacturer and the clothing industry, many customers will think that the thicker the better, but this is not the case. In many ways, it is because the work clothes are for the workplace and the working environment is simple. Some people think that the thicker the polyester cotton work clothes are, the thicker the luster is. If there are special reflective strips and colored work clothes on the work clothes, it will have little impact. In fact, the less this problem is, the better for the enterprise. Let’s talk about how to identify the pilling of polyester cotton work clothes. Now let’s share a few with you.

The temperature is high in summer, and the sweat may be white from the accompanying stain agent. How to use simple polyester cotton overalls for such stain liquid?

● When the PH value exceeds the standard, if heavy metals with excessive PH value appear on the work clothes, it is not necessary to buy them immediately. Careful people will find that these harmful organic chemicals with excessive PH value are less harmful;

To sum up, we should take appropriate measures to solve the problems in different occasions of work clothes customization for the above reasons. Work clothes can be customized as much as possible according to your own requirements. Today, Shaanxi Jiale will customize work clothes.

When we choose to customize our work clothes, we must choose those who are decent and like them!

Customization of work clothes Customization of the company’s work clothes Customization of Sikezhao’s work clothes depends on what aspects the auto shop staff wear, whether the work clothes are suitable, whether the work clothes are comfortable to wear, and the quality of the cloth is the core consideration. Once Gong buys the work clothes made of good cloth, it is harmful to the body. When buying the work clothes, he must see whether the cloth fits. If he buys the work clothes made of good cloth, It cannot be of good quality. This is harmful to the human body. We should treat every question about the quality of cloth, so that we can have comfortable work clothes with good quality.

● For a suit, its style, wearing and even some other details, such as shoulder, sleeve or collar, the quality of the suit will be very impressive.

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May 24, 2023 Company News
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