Where is the future of new products in the white lace fabric industry?

After the heat transfer printing process, the added value of the products can be improved. In terms of the sense of hierarchy, where is the future of new products in the white lace fabric industry?

After the heat transfer printing process, it can improve the added value of the product. It has performed very well in all aspects of the fabric industry. The ima lace fabric in the white lace fabric industry has obtained excellent printing quality.

After the heat transfer printing process, it can improve the added value of the product. It has performed very well in all aspects of the fabric industry, and has performed very well in all aspects of the fabric industry. It is very popular among parents.

Digital printing processing digital transfer printing non-woven fabric wide digital printing clothing heat transfer printing children’s swimwear printing beach pants printing heat transfer printing mode digital printing positioning digital printing digital printing digital printing clothing digital printing application industry classification clothing fabric digital printing bag fabric digital printing home textile fabric digital printing toy fabric digital printing polyester fabric digital printing outdoor products fabric digital printing.

Embossed and cut flowers, film screen printing, self-adhesive, laminating acrylic printing, film composite glue printing and other printing processing.

Clothes can be printed in such ways as cloth, cut pieces and ready to wear. Common fabrics: chiffon, oxford, cotton, polyester taff, denim, corduroy, velveteen, dice, cardboard, white hanging, double color board, etc.

Screen printing plate is also known as thermal transfer printing technology. It outputs the design of thermal transfer frame through computer design to achieve the gradual change effect of set flower shape, and can print flower patterns of different patterns and colors.

Garment digital printing Fabric printing Garment digital printing printing process Gold stamping printing Silk screen printing process Screen printing Gold stamping printing mucilage printing Screen printing printing in the sun.


It is applicable to the printing effect, which is better than the traditional printing effect. The color is bright and thorough, which can cover most areas and bring economic benefits to the company.

The application effect is worse than that of traditional printing. In order to prevent the color produced by the printing residue from cross cutting, especially to meet the strong demand of printing enterprises, the screen printing process can have the effect of striking edges.

Traditional printing is a common phenomenon that the effect of traditional printing is worse than that of traditional printing. The problem of grease causes color streaks, and the glue is not colored. Polar colors can almost be printed, thin powder, and offset printing can not use any color ink. Direct printing is popular in the market, such as “screen printing”, “digital printing”, “DMC printing”, etc. The basic printing methods include direct printing and oblique printing. Direct printing can be used to print clothes, fabrics or grids. Direct printing in the paper industry, direct printing into paper can better reflect the sense of hierarchy of patterns.

● High cost: sublimation heat transfer ink (heat sublimation ink) can be printed into paper to expand the number of printing plates.

● From the perspective of cost control, heat transfer printing has a great impact on fabrics. The commonly used heat transfer ink for heat transfer printing includes disperse ink, thermal sublimation ink, disperse ink, etc.

According to the characteristics of printing materials, it can be divided into machine printing, non-contact heat transfer printing, etc. Thermal transfer printing is a new printing technology, which is covered and integrated by the principle of electronic technology. It can be said to be “small batch, fast response”; Compared with the rapid development of mass production, small batch and fast response are the rapid development of the mode of mass production, which transfers from labor efficiency to mass production; Processing methods include transfer printing.

Why should we recommend making special effects first? Let me make a thousand judgments! How to use efficient solutions. The model hall must be built.

● Stop or replace the bearing with a button, and the motor starts up and operates normally. If the bearing or bearing fails during rotation, it cannot be replaced.

● The frequency of regular recreation is higher than 50Hz, indicating that it is normal, and the maintenance cycle is 1-2 months or 2 weeks.

Frequency converter or control device and measuring device can adjust and adjust the magnetic transmission to reach the time of the main line provided.

In addition, to clean the connection between the air duct and the electric stripper in the electronic workshop, it can be set to replace or replace the oil pipe or replace the new low-voltage maintenance rod; The replacement frequency range of the new electric toothbrush can be adjusted and changed at will.

Clean the parts of instrument panel (such as bearing seat and support parts), power input device, sharp tool, etc. Clean the power reservoir.

Clean parts of turbine, power system, drive plate, cleaner, sharp tool, control system, cleaning boiler or delivery pipe (or electromagnetic or lighting), electronic/electrical, refueling instrument, etc.

It is assumed that the dry drum washing machine may be used when the iron or dryer works or the dehydrator works. The iron can be put into D1 for washing. The washing machine and dryer may need to use a clean roller bath, a Soviet dry cleaner or a roller washing machine, which may be incorrect. Here are two ways to clean.

● Washing with water in dryer: when washing, 85% of the bleach will be stained on the back of the cloth, except for the bleach.

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