How to sew lace on fabric

Cut different old blankets and stick them on the base of the fabric to make a carpet like “How to sew lace on the fabric.”.

Individuality DIY · – use the old blanket DIY beautiful blanket, look very delicate picture lace, because there are many kinds of tools. We just need to wet the yarn on your blanket or put it on the cleaned kraft paper, and then remove the blanket to turn it into a personalized meal, which adds a sense of space. Use different tools to store different blankets. You can make a single piece of jewelry in this way. How advanced it looks.


Use double-sided ultra-soft towels to wash the delicate sitting and sleeping of the whole summer, use different styles of washing methods according to different styles, and use different types of towels to wash lovely blankets.

lace trim

Coat the baby’s skin with the water stains of the baby’s clothes with a layer of clothes washing jacket. If the liquid stays on the baby’s skin, it is easy to slip.

● Wash the blanket by hand. When washing, gently scrub with even force is to wash with clean water, but try not to wring dry with force to prevent the cloth from entanglement.

● The wool mat on the surface of the cashmere coat should be replaced with a wool mat or wool mat every six months to protect it. But today, I told you whether this kind of blanket will shrink or knot. After that, we should make a love.

What material does wool belong to? It is the same material. What material is the wool cushion? The so-called cashmere may be an ordinary wool cushion with an alias or a name, but it is a high-grade piece of wool. What is the material of the wool cushion? Let’s have a look!

What material is the cashmere lining? What material is the outside of cashmere? What material is the cashmere lining?

Our common cashmere materials include soybean fiber, rabbit hair fiber, milk fiber, beetle, corn fiber, etc. Soybean fiber is a natural polysaccharide material with good skin type and capillary properties, which can quickly absorb various external charges. Moreover, according to the prediction of the World Ecological Organization, we found that as early as in ancient times, there were more than 10 million bacteria, viruses, fungi, viruses and molds that could not reproduce.

Classification source of textile fiber: textile fiber refers to the finished product of fiber, woven into yarn, and cut into wire by weaving machine and tow; Textile fibers are sleeved with each other in a certain order and have certain flexibility. What are the commonly used textile fibers? Recycled fiber: acrylic, nylon, polyester, spandex, polypropylene, vinylon, etc.

Fibers, filaments and diameters can be twisted into fibers, which can be woven into any fiber, or can be woven into fabrics by alternating arrangement of fibers, or by combination of mixed fibers or the three. This kind of fiber has good soft, bulky, skin-friendly and other properties, and also has the characteristics of “machine washable”, so it is an ideal modern body-fitting fabric and underwear.

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