Top 10 Suppliers of Polyester White Lace Fabric

This lightweight satin fabric has a greyish green color. One touch elastic rubber provides a slight stretch for more comfortable wearing. Top 10 suppliers of polyester white lace fabrics. Bedding List – Bedding List 4: bedspread, bedspread, pillow case, suitable for all seasons. 4、 Color – traditional design – bedspread made of conventional satin fabric can be selected.

The low face light blue lace jacquard fabric brings you the style of your summer bedroom. High density jacquard fabric brings you the exquisite feeling of a romantic small room. The soft knitted jacquard fabric brought to you is a generic term for the round fabric. It is suitable for lace jacquard and easy to ship.

At the turn of autumn and summer, the yarn dyed jacquard coat is also the first choice to control the color. The yarn dyed jacquard coat is absolutely a transitional garment that has the right to speak. Even if it is a transitional garment, you should also take the sudden temperature seriously. Even in summer, you can’t take it lightly. We are really simple and low-key in summer. Careful machine matching can solve your problems. Fashion must have a beautiful shape.

Fashion matching makes you outstanding. In late autumn, you look thin and beautiful. The air is always fresh, just like there is no beautiful coat in summer, autumn is also suitable to go outside to see the role matching and push and pull fashion out of the street

lace trim

Fashion collocation makes you more fashionable and out of the street. The wearing of the same color system has a great visual impact. This kind of suit has a visual grade and is thin and beautiful.

Slightly speaking, the grey system may be able to easily control the rustling tide flu, so they will choose to match. Although it may be an old style, it still makes the suit have a gentle style, which makes people feel very temperament. Now let’s introduce in detail that the suit is not necessarily what you said, it also has its own style. After all, they are the same. The embodiment of fashion charm.

Style edging also includes jacquard, embossed and pleated. The fabric is made of fine wool, which is breathable, soft and elastic.

Fashion charm reflects the two characteristics of the style you want to express: style, which cannot be isolated in details.

The fabric is combed, and the blended silk and super waxy silk are made of hard silver fox velvet, embossed, shiny metal foil, with embedded applique and imitation.

Metal powder, as thin as hair, is used to paste brain makeup, with residual coarse texture and no sand mark. Pure and exquisite silver magic light.

The ancient coin lock head and knitted tin foil are spun into a light textile shape, which makes the woolen tweed have different properties and soft feel.

The dark brown lychee grain leather handbag is decorated to show the classic temperament. It can be single shoulder, oblique back, shoulder back and other back shapes.

Non woven round leather core handbag, special-shaped handbag, metal buckle handbag, nylon bag, canvas bag, apron.

Self processing, quality assurance. The price can be as low as 200 yuan, about 400 yuan/dollar.

Non woven fabric bags for automobiles, home shopping bags, gift bags, creative storage bags, zipper storage bags, twill woven environmental protection bags, Liu Jiaqi, MARP cotton canvas handbag, Liu Jiachen, Liu Zi, Zhuoyue, etc.

Focus on low VOC and low odor: raw materials are all cotton, polyester and viscose. You can choose from your own different textures.

Wool cloth, chemical fiber cloth, linen cloth, blending, fiber, chenille, Organza, chemical fiber products, woolen sweater, cotton and wool products, etc.


Knitwear: Knitwear with simple structure, light weight and bright colors; Underwear: bamboo fiber, T-shirt, sweater, coil, yarn, etc.

Linen cloth has good air permeability, moisture absorption and heat conductivity. Linen cloth is made of cotton, which has good static electricity dissipation and heat preservation. Mattress: woolen goods, clothing and textile series, leather clothes and underwear.

Linen cloth and linen fabric can be customized according to customer requirements. If the softness is required, the fatigue resistance of linen is stronger than that of elastic cloth.

Decorative panel: wallpaper background wall, interior wall, ceiling, etc. Wallpaper and wallpaper decorative paper, wood, non-woven fabric and similar products.

Decoration of restaurant: living room ceiling, bedroom ceiling, tea-colored theater, cafeteria kitchen, cafeteria and large screen screen, large area of bright yellow will show the effect of natural wallpaper.

LED series advertising equipment and materials: engraving machine, laser engraving machine, photo paper processing equipment and engraving equipment, glass, ceramic tiles, jade 5 categories; The engraving accuracy reaches 5 lines of 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 crystal (silver plated), laser engraving machine, crystal film laser engraving machine, etc; Advertising equipment and materials: acrylic, wood, bamboo products, acrylic, decorative materials; Goods and technical services: construction industry, decoration, hardware tools, metal products, advertising decoration, building intelligent elevators, acrylic products, mechanical and electrical products, advertising, buildings&venues&home automation equipment, intelligent ink-jet equipment, PC industry equipment, intelligent software POS system, advertising marketing, digital ink-jet equipment, domestic and foreign advertising rankings, glass architecture, glass UV, building materials and home furnishing, glass UV, acrylic equipment Services such as office buildings, intelligent painting equipment for buildings, outdoor stone materials, silver mirror intelligent creative advertising, skirting line, etc.; printing materials such as PVC, flannelette, grid, ceiling, advertising cloth, screen plate, printing, design, advertising paper, packaging, technology, advertising film, advertising cloth (acrylic), umbrella rack, reflective sticker, coated paper, honeycomb advertising signs, and other related building materials and advertising materials.

● Process flow: hole breaking and scribing → corner filling → leveling → origami → printing → whole piece copy control → shipment.

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