Which wholesaler of pure cotton lace fabric is better

Don’t think too much about the type of fabric, as long as it matches well with the home decoration. Some windows, cotton lace fabric wholesalers which is better. Some are relatively cheap, because cheap things are not sold.

Fabric material introduction The new fabric of BIMATE ONE 200A 20 is mainly made of polyester, nylon and chemical fiber. It mainly produces sportswear, fitness clothes, tights, suits, skirts, etc.

Fabric characteristics Fiber raw materials: the calculation units of fiber length, diameter and diameter are taken as 05 points of the coefficient, that is, the unit of gram weight is generally 04 g/m2, and the unit is S.

● Fiber length The fourth shift of Nantong Garment Factory has good cleaning ability, but for the imitation wool and the imitation wool that are not beautiful enough, they must be aligned when cleaning, and they should also be able to smell the irritating smell.

Is mulberry silk the same as real silk? The mulberry silk belongs to the high-grade fiber, and the real silk fabric is a general term for man-made fibers. Mulberry silk is a kind of thing mainly made of mulberry silk, characterized by strong moisture absorption and air permeability.

Label>What is the difference between silk and silk? What is the difference between silk and silk.

Pure silk is as light as silk, pure silk has good purity, elegance, high grade, high cost performance ratio, elegant and luxurious appearance, soft feel and smooth silk quality. The clothes made of these four fabrics have outstanding and elegant temperament.

The maintenance of bed products is also very important, because the purpose of using bed products is to prevent deformation, which will lead to deformation of bed products, thus affecting normal use. Then, what are the reasons for the expired bedding? 1. Pure cotton and silk have a better surface luster than ordinary cotton, which is smooth, pure in texture, moisture absorption and breathable, and won’t sweat in summer. 2. Mulberry silk, also known as “real silk”, has the characteristics of pure, bright luster and silkiness like mulberry silk. 3. Protein is the fine protein produced when the mature silkworm cocoons, and is the raw material for making milk silkworm pupae. 4、 Nylon is a kind of nylon. With physical or chemical structure, nylon has high strength, good abrasion resistance, light weight, good absorption and guidance, is not easy to shed, and its surface value is firm; Protein is the raw material for making food, such as Yaya. 4. Acrylic fiber refers to acrylic fiber. Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber mainly made of petroleum. It is usually a chemical fiber prepared with a small amount of high boiling acid or methyl compound. The chemical fiber is characterized by moisture resistance, alkali resistance, stability and high heating temperature. Commonly used are benzyl ester resin and polyester resin. Natural fibers for chemical fiber, such as cotton, kapok, hemp, and even nitrile rubber, are mainly used to make clothes, quilts, curtains, bedding, ornaments, etc. Chemical fiber refers to the blending of chemical fiber and other fibers, which has certain regularity; In addition, there are also man-made fibers and synthetic fibers, such as polyacrylonitrile fiber, nylon fiber, polypropylene fiber, etc.


(1) Classification of chemical fibers: chemical fibers generally refer to silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, camphor gum, etc. Chemical fibers can be divided into regenerated fibers and synthetic fibers. Regenerated fibers refer to textile fibers obtained through processing, such as soybean protein fiber, pearl fiber, corn protein fiber, carbon fiber and glass fiber. Regenerated fiber refers to the fiber obtained through processing, such as cotton, camel hair, cashmere, mohair, rabbit hair, silk, etc. The production process of regenerated fiber is light in weight, high in strength, good in hydrophilicity and permeability; Different processing methods can produce different effects. For example, the tensile properties of nylon spinning vary greatly; Acrylic fiber has slight performance; Polypropylene and vinylon have little difference in dyeing performance.

Different processing methods have different effects. Advantages of nylon spinning: “the tail is broken, alkali is sprinkled, and different twisting processes are the same”; When the acrylic fiber is slightly thick, it has good moisture absorption and drainage properties;

The unique performance of nylon: because of its excellent performance, “particularly fluffy”, plump feel and drape, it is easier to protect and reuse under high temperature conditions;

The cold resistance and extensibility of “wear-resistant and durable” are several times that of nylon, and the more wear-resistant nylon is more convenient for management and maintenance, so it is less used in down jacket fabrics and nylon clothing at home.

In recent years, outdoor sports clothing design and clothing design have developed rapidly. Professional outdoor sportswear design is particularly prominent. In recent years, outdoor sportswear design and engineering technology have received more and more attention. Modern outdoor sports casual clothes are more durable to deal with these problems. Standard facilities, effective waterproof, fireproof and moistureproof meet these needs at the same time.

The ecological bag is made of natural fiber or chemical fiber. Natural fiber strives to practice the concept of ecological and environmental protection, so that the world can provide consumers with better environmental bag products. With the improvement of living standards, environmental bags are gradually consumed by people. How to take urban environmental protection as a new initiative and strategic planning for daily life.

The ecological bag is made of natural fiber or chemical fiber. Natural fibers strive to fulfill social responsibilities, save costs and improve weight for human beings. Natural fiber strives to fulfill social responsibility. Actively advocate environmental protection to make mankind greener. Social responsibility is the foundation of social survival, and human beings also cooperate with each other. Environmental protection is the first, and the environmental protection concept advocated by human beings is also the second health goal. In the future, health and nature are the first standards.

The anti-bacterial additive any polymer material developed by German company, through the combination of biological enzyme activation treatment and other technologies to make anti-bacterial polyamide, finally obtains a lasting anti-bacterial activity/flame retardant functional fiber effect, and completely eliminates the cross infection of microorganisms inside the fabric to achieve lasting anti-bacterial activity, which can be applied to processes such as padding, dipping, printing, etc., and can improve the wearing performance of the material.

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