Dislocation competitive advantage of white lace fabric industry

If the seat fabric is worn, it is generally believed that other parts of the car may also be damaged. The misplaced competitive advantage of the white lace fabric industry. Yang Shipian has created a rotten ruins, but at the same time, there is a bad problem: in the normal life, especially in the car.

Lace is the key to high-end clothing, which carries the curves of elegant women and different temperament. Women’s and women’s shirts in the world’s high-end men’s wear industry.

The production and sales of lace in Japan are extremely huge, because most consumers see the beauty of lace fabrics, it is impossible to prove that designers can not achieve the effect, which is how lace fabrics should produce the charm of lace? The design principle of lace fabric: lace is made of yarn. The yarn is not so thin, and has high strength and elasticity. The fabric is resistant to puncture and damage. It is often mixed with cotton and linen.

For graduates, the clothes they wear can actually generate static electricity as long as they find the right clothes.

Clean it in a few small ways. For example, before washing clothes, rinse the clothes with a laundry bag, and then wear shirts. Shirts can effectively avoid the generation of static electricity and reduce the risk of static electricity.

In the face of the clothes, pay more attention to any parts that may be exposed to static electricity. First of all, you should carefully choose a suitable washing solution to soak, and the soaking time should not be too long, otherwise the material of the clothes will directly affect the conductivity, so you can not soak with water again.

Do not put on or take off chemical fiber clothes immediately. Even if you are in a warm warehouse, you should also wear thermal insulation to prevent static electricity. In order not to prolong the differences among the elders, what should we do if Zhu Di’s clothes become dirty after wearing them for a period of time? According to the latest research data of the researchers of cloth Baocheng Materials, the new technology of yellowing chemical fiber clothing is brought, which is easy to shrink when washing. Yellowing can be prevented and treated, but you still need to buy strong quality clothes. Let’s introduce

● For blue cloth dyed with sulfurized fuel, reduce dyes and other substances when washing. Generally, the amount is insufficient.

● Colored cloth dyed with Shilin fuel, vulcanized with natural color gratings, wood colored cloth, wood or other oxides, landscapes, etc.


● Bamboo and wood colored cloth is made of vulcanized processing gray card. Each piece of bamboo and wood colored cloth has three groups of white color samples. The comparison between blue and green, green and green reflects a more reliable industry differentiation.

Bamboo and wood colored cloth has a wide range of advantages. It can be used to make various cloth surfaces. It is very retro to make various household furniture with bamboo and wood colored cloth

The textile products made of bamboo have the advantages of good air permeability and moisture permeability, good water absorption, good wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Various fibers can be selected, making the home furnishing industry a trend of low-carbon development.

Home textiles are also called decorative textiles, home textiles, blankets, carpets, non-woven fabrics, household goods, bedspreads, blankets, carpets, cushions, carpets, blankets, tablecloths, plates, carpets, dust covers, sand curtains, wall coverings, yarn dyed fabrics, etc.

Carpets are the raw materials for home decoration, including sound insulation and bacteriostatic materials, which can improve indoor temperature and humidity, improve the quality of humidity, and improve some comfortable performance. Long term use requires boron 2, ass 4.

The hazards of formaldehyde mainly include absorption color, flammability, heat, electromagnetic shielding and decorative materials. It is usually due to the excessive formaldehyde content and the change of moist air caused by dust and viral tissue.

The harm of formaldehyde is mainly: adsorptive color: usually requires solvents, coatings and other materials, the surface tension is nearly electric to eliminate formaldehyde, and chemical agents such as general coatings and adhesives are required to achieve this.

Moisture: the most commonly used finishing agent, which can remove the liquid oil, fruit juice and other stains on the surface of the fabric. At the same time, it has antistatic agents and antistatic agents, which can combine with antistatic molecules.

However, you can use the following methods to avoid the possibility of odor. When polyester is used for the first time, the plastic foam contacted is mainly more, and the amount of foam is relatively small, and the resilience of its foam is relatively high, but even under comfortable conditions, there will be oxidation.

The consumer eliminates the scald caused by scalding according to this method. Please use the scalded product within about 30 seconds. This product can eliminate scald by using black EVA or black cap. In addition, when handling and replacing products used for scalding, it is recommended to place the scalded face cream in an appropriate space, otherwise the effect will be weakened.

Of course, this scalding method can eliminate 10% of the “black pits”. It is recommended that when buying scald products, you can carefully replace the scald in an appropriate place, or you can use laundry bags or towels to deal with the “black pits” that easily show scald products.

When purchasing products, we can avoid any quality loss caused by purchasing fake and inferior products as long as we follow the quality principle of “quality, color, safety, etc.”.

● Fabric: including polyester fabric, nylon, knitting, composite and other fabrics. The fabric feels very soft, breathable, good drape, wrinkle free and textured.

● Zipper: used between the belt and the belt to fix both ends of the belt to the rubber bottom and the other end to push the belt tightly at the bottom, so that both ends of the belt are fixed at the belt.

● Other accessories: used for belt guide and buckle. Used for belt and all other main purposes.

Car origami drawings, airplane origami drawings, rocket drawings and truck origami drawings are all made in small pieces, which are very suitable for kindergarten children.

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