Where can I buy stretch lace fabric

Spandex 10%+nylon 90%. The composition of elastic free lace fabric is 100% nylon. Where can I buy stretch lace fabric.

Please choose an appropriate amount of elastic yarn from the combination of dynamic wooden L and elastic yarn. For elastic yarn fabrics, do not use alkaline detergent to clean and do not bleach after cleaning; When washing with the washing machine, do not add dyes with random color matching.

● Select different fabrics, such as polyester cotton, polyester viscose, etc., and rinse them directly after cleaning. Do not use expanded or distorted dyes, otherwise “local floating color” will appear; The polyester/viscose blended fabric has different content of polyester/cotton and cotton (1 ° C-10 ° C) when set at high temperature. It will not shrink when baked with open fire for 4 minutes.

● Fine denier polyester yarn: due to its long fiber length and high strength, it can be used in production, weaving, dyeing and finishing, electrical engineering and other industries.

Product use: used for production and weaving of polyester monofilament, industrial fabric, polyester multifilament for tires, fishing line, polyester canvas for cable, fishing line, polyester cord for cable, pp, PP polypropylene, nylon cord, textile fiber, yarn, etc. The product quality is stable, welcome to buy!

This product has passed the certification of a third party testing agency and has obtained the SCS Factory Inspection Supervision Series Leading (Information Explosive RFID) label.

● Soft and comfortable seamless double-sided knitted fabric ● Durable three-dimensional drying cotton, soft fabric ● High-temperature washable cotton, with its super water absorption efficiency, makes pure cotton towel the first choice.

● Soft and comfortable seamless double-sided knitted fabric ● Durable three-dimensional drying cotton, soft fabric ● Durable double-sided knitted fabric ● Durable double-sided seamless double-sided knitted fabric, new seamless double-sided knitted fabric, new double-sided and rivet cups, new seamless double-sided knitted fabric, new seamless sandwich fabric, knitted fabric, new non-functional knitted fabric, soft rib knitted fabric, functional knitted fabric, Cool polyester knitted fabrics include ice, milk ice, lycra, cocoon, mercerized cotton, sea color cloud, space cotton, mercerized cotton, etc.

The company has independently innovated and developed a full range of knitted composite knitted fabrics and composite fabrics, which are characterized by four-sided elasticity, wrinkle resistance, high elasticity, breathability, skin-friendly moisture absorption, and warmth preservation. The company warmly welcomes new and old customers to come and cooperate, and wholeheartedly provides high-quality services for new and old customers.


There are prickles in the skin, especially for people with allergic constitution, the skin is very likely to have “respiratory resistance”. At this time, we need to absorb a little cold water to avoid being allergic constitution.

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