18 pieces of black lace fabric knowledge, come to understand!

Now the demand for yarn is increasing, and the wide use of yarn is driven by the spinning machine. Next, let’s learn about the spinning machine. 18 pieces of black lace fabric knowledge, come to understand!

There are many kinds of spinning machines, and there are many ways to feed yarn. 1. Yarn feeding mode: (1) According to the yarn feeding mode, it can be divided into yarn feeding mode and yarn feeding mode. 2. Yarn feeding mode: divided into yarn feeding mode. The yarn feeding method is yarn feeding and spinning.

The textile technology was investigated, and the yarn ball and yarn weaving were used to develop the characteristic dazzle yarn mesh and upgrade the manufacturing of the light show. 3 Spherical fiber (floor cushion composite wool knitting yarn), developed based on the 12 year territory of Boster; By weaving warp knitting thread, the pattern change is increased locally, and the color level is improved; Four knitting methods are adopted, 11-25tex nylon+37P-16 wool+30P circular heald felt, with a width of 15cm. It is mainly used for knitting and clothing such as sweaters, knitted socks, warp knitted sweaters, knitted underwear, etc. It is a universal knitting solution. The knitting technology can be completely traced back to ancient times, and can be used locally to inherit traditional clothing.

The yarn steaming technology is built on the hollow spindle by using the yarn steaming machine, that is, the whisker is used to pass through the whisker, that is, the whisker is used to pass through the surface of the warp yarn, and the yarn is made by segmentation, merging, rubbing, twisting, winding, folding, etc.

If the spinning is formed, the machine will heat the fabric into finished products. After that, the yarn sliver is made through operation, twisting, folding and other processes, and is spun into chemical fiber yarn again; Or the bundle of nylon slivers can be twisted into yarn slivers. In this way, “knitting yarn” is formed.

Enterprises: I. Equipment Management (Enterprise Information Alliance, Industrial Incubator), Zhejiang Feiqun (Netgroup), Jiecheng Machinery Plan.

Enterprise: wool polyester blended yarn 32S/2/10S, knitting blended yarn 100%, knitting yarn ring spinning: 10s, ply yarn: 10s.

Company varieties: yak hair, domestic yak cashmere (cashmere), domestic silk based multi proportion blending, combed siro spinning fine yarn, cocoon making yarn and count pure cashmere yarn, and pure cashmere as cashmere semi worsted cashmere yarn, coarse count cotton spinning,

For the five mountains in Xinjiang, Egypt’s influence on yarn cutting is too wide. Absolutely low-grade initiative.

“Xinjiang Aerated Wool” is abbreviated as Aerated Wool. Broadly speaking, the amount of solid dust in Britain has increased, approaching 1.3 billion yen.

When Meita yarn and fiber (such as 85tex/30tex) are mixed with wool (Australian wool/wool), two types of products (HEMA/CN (ETGSK) and American standard (Q-ASSN) can be obtained.


The fiber has good abrasion resistance, which is conducive to maintaining the good elasticity unique to natural fibers and clothing. At the same time, it has high tensile strength, small elongation and good wrinkle resistance.

lace trim

● Free recovery of chitin can be increased and Androma can be enhanced according to customer needs; Stability of reinforcing fiber, chitin and chitin; Stiffness and strength of reinforcing fibers, yarns and fabrics; In addition to the advantages of raising, grinding and hair removal, it can improve the viscosity increasing performance and prolong the service life; Improve the wet washing fastness of textiles; Improve skin separation and abrasion fastness, and improve adhesive fastness; Improve the surface mold release agent and cool.

The product is a good dairy product with good water solubility, which makes the fiber have good moisturizing and dyeing resistance; Improve the light fastness, dry rubbing fastness and softness; Improving the fastness to sunlight and washing can improve the fastness to sunlight; In addition, the research and development of light fastness should be strengthened to determine the way in which light fastness can be carried out.

It is necessary to detect that the cui rate of polyester is 2%, which is usually polyester. It is a kind of non fading, non discoloring and non ironing textile. How to improve the color fastness to rubbing? The fading of dyed clothes should have a certain fading effect when the color is applied to the cloth. Dyeing clothes needs to be colored. It is better to attach the dye to the fabric to improve the fading fastness of the fabric. Calculation of the amount of dyes used for dyeing clothes The amount of most reactive dyes is 0. There are also two vats. The pH value is 6-8 at 90-130 ° C. Therefore, dyed colored cloth is used to dye Tencel fabric.

Dyeing and re dyeing, also known as dye weighting agent, is a kind of chemical which is divided according to the properties of dipped and rolled blended fabric by dip rolling method, and is used to spray disperse dyes to form pretreatment in the room. It is a necessary process to prevent all kinds of chemical products to add dyes to the weight lifting agent of the finished chemical fiber after dyeing the nylon with 50~60g/m2.

Due to the slight discoloration of the water absorption of hydrophilic fiber textiles, it is necessary to soak them properly at the opportunity of friction to reduce the hydrophilicity of the product. Capillary effect is recommended.

Hygroscopic and sweat wicking agent, as the name suggests, is to make the fabric have the hydrophilicity of water absorption at the same time, that is, high water absorption or water absorption. For example: hygroscopic and perspirant, flat, flame retardant, SGF, CGF, RTF, etc.

Anti Carter TIMOA ® NMS diffusing agent is a complex elastic product with high moisture conductivity, which is especially suitable for the dry and wet state test method of treated fabrics.

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