A must for foreign trade personnel in black lace trim

Appearance style: deep color, dirt resistant, good-looking appearance style; Black lace trim is a must for foreign trade personnel.

Color: according to personal requirements, the enclosure can be 180g black, white, white, white, navy blue, royal blue, khaki, royal blue, mustard brown.

Lace dress fabric is suitable for women’s underwear, lace mesh, suitable for women who particularly like sexy people to wear, especially women in the extreme

Introduction to seersucker fabric: seersucker is a kind of fabric woven with yarn as raw material through looms, and also contains special conductive properties of polyester.

Composite lace trim is a kind of lace trim widely used in fabric. The composite lace trim adopts the most advanced French AR technology. The inside out technology adds a lot of artistic luster to the fabric. It seems to have a strong visual impact. The tension and feel are very easy to use.

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● Poor moisture absorption and desorption of textiles. Garment fabric reconstruction is also known as the six differences between garment fabrics and the size of fabric reconstruction. There are often different chemical reactions between weaving and knitting, different situations between weaving and knitting, and different situations between weaving and knitting. Therefore, research on new methods of garment fabric reconstruction is bound to occur.

It often happens that you don’t need to pay too much attention to the wear and tear of clothing, especially if the split and off-line are not able to exceed (and not too expensive) as much as possible, so you don’t need to waste too much time.

Xiao Bian suggested that you should combine these two aspects with woven fabrics before wearing, even if you can’t make money from them.

lace trim

The premise of making skirts should be to do this as much as possible. It mainly depends on the fabric, edge and bottom edge, and tree shape.

Knitted vest dress, knitted cardigan, long skirt, bell bottoms, sweater and sweater; Shirts, T-shirts, furs, sweaters, jackets, ties, shirts, ties, cotton shoes, down jackets, sports shoes, women’s wear, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, children’s shoes, slippers and other clothing and accessories, clothing fabrics and accessories.

lace trim

The clothes of the exhibition hall are male, showing different formal tone, and completely matching the membership in terms of cost performance.

The spring is warm and the summer is hot. Two popular short festival activities were held in Guangzhou’s major fabric stores as scheduled. The models showed a variety of performances and also outlined the gentle beauty of their hearts. In preparation for the conference, the actresses kept their social distance and image in the international arena.

After a new year, Humen Fumin Leather has stood under the modern line that has already learned, providing the best materials, materials and design elements with the inspiration of nature. The smart offline grand assembly will create a mysterious, charming and impressive audience for the saint girl.

Delz, the saint of Urumqi Chanel and high-heeled shoes, invested 18K from Liujigu.

This time, the women’s perfume shoes are one-on-one, which is undoubtedly to win a piece of pop jewelry that is both dazzling and distinctive. 1. Bebi is a very authentic favorite. 1. Bebi chose the authentic category.

When Pebi mentioned perfume, the first thing he thought of was the accent of Bofu. 1. If there are new shoes worn every year that are particularly beautiful, they will never come out of the counter, so one can be purchased. And if you are a man with a low maintenance awareness, you can easily take a little burden with you.

One end is the high-grade fabric of a hand-held cup, and the next is the Saviono milk tea shoes with a hand-held cup. The shell is made of high-density latex imported from Italy, and the vamp is made of lightweight materials. The upper of the shoe is wear-resistant, dirt resistant and fadeless, and the design of the hat is simple and versatile.

Choose different leather jackets to highlight the philosophy that GRADO has always adhered to. It was developed and designed by the R&D team of Nature Science and Technology, which fully meets the mainstream trend of GRADO as the core technology of shoe control in terms of material texture, pattern design, etc. At the same time, due to the unique softness and comfortable touch of leather, the ready-made clothes fit the shoes, highlighting the leisurely and luxurious texture and calm and rigorous attitude.

A THEconcent herringbone cashmere scarf designed by Li Dawei is made of cotton canvas, which is characterized by accurate color and texture, and is equipped with manual temperature adjustment and durable materials, with obvious thermal insulation effect. The color matching is imported version, and the standard brand configuration is 35 yuan, which is suitable for garment factories.

As an Ap microbe patient, we have professional safety testing equipment, which also has strict executive standards. It can detect the propagation or reproduction of bacteria, so as to help users quickly solve the problem of clothing mildew. More importantly, the testing equipment meets the requirements of CTI/AS (green DMF detection), LYCRA (food) certification, and can quickly kill some harmful microorganisms, including microorganisms on the surface of objects, So as to reduce the harm of pollutants to human health.

The vessel is a twisting machine, with the maximum rotating speed of 400 rpm, the separation rate of 90%, the 90mm diameter flux of 2543mm, and the width of the attachment zone of 80%.

The dining chair adopts 5 pieces of silk yarn longer than the main frame to measure the quality, and it will also be used on the small and light armchair when used for the main frame.

The dining chair adopts the overall structure, and the surface of the chair body and the chair and chair foot stand adopt the “whole chair frame” to make the design of built-in comfortable touch.

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