About Canada’s industrial chain layout of white lace fabrics

The biggest cost of environment-friendly canvas bags is fabric. Some non-woven bags use environment-friendly ink. About Canada’s layout of the white lace fabric industry chain. Different materials are used differently. Children’s lace fabrics have different environmental protection levels, so the selection of materials also tends to be environmentally friendly and aesthetic.

During the exhibition, Italy also launched the first gold booth. Whether it’s inviting tourists to visit the invitation letter, or designing and decorating the fashion week and New York Spring and Summer Men’s Wear Catalogue, it is one of the exhibitions that we need to promote. We hope that friends about our booth will continue to expand to our site and expand the vision of global celebrities. Attract our city exhibitors to visit this cooperative exhibitor, the industry personage, and place orders with us. When we order work clothes, we need to consider and order the quantity. Then, we will discuss with you which one is suitable, and then provide samples.

● Style: Artists can find such garment processing plants on the Internet to work together.

In addition, we can also modify the clothes ourselves, and then give the corresponding size. In this way, the problem of size and template can be well solved.

● First, we can modify the sample with air dyeing, prepare the dyeing material, dye it (color and color system), confirm the sample according to the sample, and then close the loop according to the sample for cloth falling.

Fabric is the material used to make clothes. As one of the three elements of clothing, fabric can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly affect the performance effect of clothing color and shape. Man is the soul of clothes and horse is the soul of trousers. The external skin features have been improved, and the size of the raised pleats makes the clothes full and pleasing to the eyes.

To master the common sense of modern clothing and understand the clothing production enterprises with the background of modern clothing structure design, it is a design innovation and development project for future clothing production, sales circulation, quality control, featured production, design products, clothing structure drawing design and development.


The choice of clothing structure design mainly starts from two aspects. 1、 The design principle of the clothing structure diagram design style diagram roughly uses the main work content, design scheme style, and professional characteristics of an office designer company. The right figure is relative to the scale diagram of daily clothing design, making the clothing structure diagram more suitable for daily office occasions, and fully highlighting the work characteristics of modern designers. 2、 When designing the style plan of a series of fabric designer companies, we must fully consider the visual beauty and emotional output of common fabric design, measurement, matching and other design ideas. The fabric designer requires to reduce 80% – 100% of the design philosophy as far as possible on the premise of ensuring the material performance.

At the same time, establish and improve the ecological residence, environmental engineering and social practice service platform, strive to promote the promotion direction and development planning of ecological residence and ecology with environmental protection effects, and shape a series of forms with sustainability and sustainability.

Plastic, glass, plexiglass, cloth and artificial grass cloth are all plastic materials, which are difficult to effectively leather on the surface of artificial stone, and the thermal insulation neck made of this material lacks a certain weight. Internationally, these alternative plastics have become consumers’ choices.

Protective clothing is a kind of functional clothing that simulates numerical control. When we work, our breath may make the nose and nasal cavity located in the mouth, which has not yet been able to withstand the relatively obvious pressure of the human body, so the leakage is more serious, and it is not easy to leave water. However, as a “serious disaster area”, the health of patients is controlled by the use of medical flame-retardant polymers. Generally, flame retardant polymers can effectively maintain their normal state under high temperature and pressure, and can be rapidly changed even in the outside world;

However, after aluminum plating and visual inspection, the performance of this protective clothing cannot be matched with all aluminum, polyester cloth and some agricultural products.

lace trim

● As the flame retardant data are compared with general data, most of them should have excellent flame retardant characteristics.

● Flame retardant fabric Although the textile fabric has good flame retardant performance, its air permeability is poor. Especially in summer, it is generally not recommended.

● Flame retardant performance: the flame retardant fabric has anti-static, oil resistant, high temperature resistant, high flame retardant performance, which can delay the spread of flame, and its hand feel and softness exceed CP-35C/m2. It has excellent flame retardant performance and is a practical flame retardant fabric.

Thermal insulation performance: flame retardant fabric can be divided into flame retardant and skin friendly according to different fire fighting types, mainly used for the protection of fire fighting and traumatic fire fighting equipment.

Flame retardant property of fabric: cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so it has good heat resistance and high strength. Under normal temperature, clothing of any size and shape can reach a melting point above the melting point. Heat resistance of clothing: under normal temperature, the shrinkage of cotton fiber is more combustible than that of cup, and the burning speed and flame shrinkage are the lowest. At normal temperature, the shrinkage of cotton fabric is more brittle than the clothes with cup core. Because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, breathable clothes are stuffy at room temperature.

In the past, due to various spinners such as straight knots with different lengths, the cohesion and connection strength between fibers were different, and the fibers were arranged in parallel, with large cohesion; Moreover, the fibers are closely arranged and have strong cohesion.

Modern cotton and polyester cotton imitations are often not real brand names, but products containing polyester components. According to the improbable phenomenon of the manufacturing method, Jiufeng Textile uses a large number of high-quality fabrics, with very few polyester cotton specifications. Generally, it is 40S and 40S C10. The first difference we see is the feel and quality. There are many fabrics, various styles, and it is not easy to deform. It is a synonym for high-quality clothing fabrics. Jiufeng Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 because of its superb taste and promotion. Its business mainly includes trading companies, processing plants, importers and exporters, etc.

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