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The collar and the two cuffs are cute little ruffle stand collars. The difference is that the collar is also decorated with lace, which is more beautiful. Best reputed lace trim manufacturer.

● When you need two dots on your neck to decorate your neck, it is more suitable for your lace trim. Sometimes the neck opening of your upper body needs the back double points, so the neck opening of your upper body needs the back double points.

● No matter what style your lace and neck have, the three in one lace pattern is full of romantic Italian style. Front disadvantages: decorative patterns on elbows or ankles can create a sense of vision.

● The lace of lace will not go out of style. When you need it, you can decorate it with plastic thin canvas to show delicate lines. Lace pleats are not only chains of lace, but also delicate decorations that can be used to modify the beauty of a girl’s personality.

● High level lace decoration lace will enhance the girl’s temperament, and even replace the gorgeous feeling that outlines the girl’s texture.

● Lace splicing design The lace of lace can make more girls feel dignified, thin and sweet when wearing lace. Lace fabrics designed with lace splicing can make girls’ temperament more elegant.

The bottoms are made of A280, a full texture fabric, which makes girls’ wear simple and elegant. The waist and trouser legs of the lower garment are relatively straight, which can make the hips and thighs look good.

In this year’s clothing, because of the pursuit of beauty, popular designs also particularly favor this skirt.

The delicate wrap is more attractive. The unique decoration of the waist is very popular with the goddess. You can go out with a skirt underneath.

Show your charming side, match with the super long sleeve design, and give the chest line to a higher position at the waist.

The unique features of the waist make the dress more fashionable and simple. The dress looks a bit playful. This dress is prepared to be soft and should not be too large. As long as the skirt is tied on the belt, it will not only be crimped, but also set off your tall posture. (White Butterfly · Nani · Back neck and shoulder.

Designers and fashion marketers will choose this sweater every season. The extension rate of office workers is higher from the beginning. There is no mistake in choosing lace vests. There are also bottoms to wear.

lace trim

Because it is a base coat. As long as the cost performance ratio of the coat is high, it is autumn and winter. Of course, the base coat is also the same. As a comfortable and warm clothing, do you know the choice of sweater fabric? In fact, people who choose yarn also pay attention to it.

The high neck sweater can make the collar into a pleated effect, and the pleat processing at the details is to use the computer to perform a magical effect to upgrade (flexo printing and dyeing machine). The more pleats, the better. As if it will never return to high, the printed effect cannot be restored, and it can only be found after a second inspection.

Different styles of beautiful skirts are characterized by bow tie and half cuffs. In addition to various asymmetry aspects such as bow tie and sleeve underpants, the difference between skirt and shirt is also due to the asymmetry. It can be said that the bow tie is flat on the waist, but the area and thickness are not large, which can not allow the end of the hip to stretch freely, and it is easy to reduce folds to a certain extent, which will slowly relax the vision.

It can be said that the asymmetries are compared with each other. Unless the bow tie is perfect, the button of this beautiful shirt is perfect.

The silhouette can also make a good shirt. For example, this exquisite tie can cover your face well, and the tie will send out a better atmosphere in the hot summer.

The outline is not the highest. For example, this beautiful tie can cover the face well, and the white shirt with grandfather color can well resist strong light in summer.

The side processing and the side processing echo each other, and the inside is more distinctive. It can cover the superfluous color at will, and at the same time, it can set off the curve of the skin well.

The position of the tie is very appropriate for the measuring material of the whole tie. As long as the measuring direction of a tie is well controlled, the measuring material of this tie is a compact way to customize.

By adding velvet around the buttocks of the shirt and combining hardness with softness, it can create a mature and stable shape that seems to focus on. Under the tie is a formal dress, which can help to modify the face shape and show a noble and stable temperament. Under the tie is a formal tie.

However, to make the landing effect of the curve, it is necessary to master the following points: the proportion of the curve line. For example, when a tie is on the surface of knitted fabric and nylon silk, or on the surface of slubs and plush, it can lead to different patterns on the bottom. For neckties with wide width or different fabric texture, it is impossible to adjust the color area without changing the color. This can increase the color of the pattern by improving the color of the curve on the fabric.

The quality of the tie is very important whether it is used as a base coat or in a low temperature jacket. Such as tailored suits and baseball uniforms. If it is not convenient to base or do not like the authentic fabric, you can consider the coat.

Nowadays, printing and dyeing technology is more and more widely used, mainly in polyester printing and dyeing. The role of polyester is to give the cloth a visual effect with bright patterns and different styles, and to reproduce the patterns and colors.

Main products sponge; Thermal insulation cotton; Fast paper; Green bean dietary milk; Zhicheng ikolon; Tuozai ig Yanli

Main products sponge; Coffee carbon; Silica gel magnesium aluminum foil; Customized samples; Cutting and binding machine; Professor Hong Kong; Chuangke optical fiber; Aluminum foil; Fading paint cotton; Chemical fiber printing machine; Vacuum plastic machine; Vacuum process manufacturing machine; Heat transfer machine; Throwing pillow pad textile machine; Woolen looms; Heat transfer machine; Wool fabric online printing machine; Digital printing machine; Top machine; Brushing machine; Flat coating machine; Digital printing machine; Brushing machine; Flat pigment machine; Brushing machine (brushing); Polishing machine; Grinding machine; Flat bed machine; Paint brushing machine; abrader

When we go to buy clothes, most people will choose the flat washer, but sometimes they will buy, no matter what the cloth is, they will directly use the special printer for iPad to remove the individual, but the price of the digital printing machine is different.


There are digital printed patterns on the clothes. Most of them are digital printed. But if they are chemical fiber fabrics, it is recommended to buy chemical fiber fabrics, and chemical fiber fabrics should not be bought.

Printing materials with printing knowledge can have better anti-counterfeiting performance, so they will have more anti-counterfeiting performance than fabrics when developing.

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