Black lace fabric market will be hot!

Fireproof soft bags for hotels, gymnasiums, shopping malls, cinemas, etc. The black lace fabric market will be popular.

The textile market has entered the traditional peak season, with an endless stream of production orders. It has provided women who pursue fashion with a long dated dress plan – detonating the obscene clothing market. Our choice of color, shape, and materials is often only ribbon and accessories to achieve transactions. According to the introduction of foreign textile bosses, this year has probably created new products, which will be a new action of rising fashion. This also means that in the year when the transaction is coming to an end, they want to redefine and expand their equity, especially preferring to buy powerful spinning, weaving, embroidery, laser processing and other skills.


It turns out that most foreign customers want to pay attention to the added value of their products. However, in recent years, due to the advent of the epidemic, it is difficult for them to wash their products at home. Basic household goods can not solve the problem well and cost hundreds of yuan, but they are high value of capital. The improvement of most people’s consumption level has doubled at one time. What are the advantages of household products? It turns out that you have few standards, as long as it is the requirements of the home, you can be invincible. In addition, most people have reduced their consumption ability for your household goods, but they just think that the number of goods they buy will not increase, which naturally increases a lot. As the output of some silkworm pupae can not meet your needs, they can only be passively processed manually.

In the face of the most comprehensive silk in the market, whether it is a brand product or far lower than the silkworm chrysalis, there is no doubt that it will have a sense of stability in the market. Because silk products have a good skin feel, anti pilling, transparent and smooth, skin friendly heat dissipation, anti-static, wear-resistant and deodorant, and do not fade, silk materials suitable for home and indoor decoration, industrial underwear and other products come from France, Japan and other European countries, and the design and production quality of brand clothing also have a high status. In the healthy, environment-friendly, light silk, cool, moisture absorbing and breathable linen bedding, it gradually replaced the thick pad of iron candy.

High quality linen bedding feels comfortable and soft, and will not produce peculiar smell due to moisture-proof friction. High quality linen bedding feels comfortable and soft, moisture-proof, mildew proof and odor proof. Linen bedding feels comfortable, smooth and breathable. Linen bedding can also inhibit bacteria, such as mulberry silk and tussah silk bedding can cause allergy. High quality mulberry silk bedding can prevent skin diseases and make skin allergic.

● Newly purchased linen bedding feels comfortable. It can be washed, dry cleaned, tortured and brushed, making your bedding more comfortable and durable.

● Nylon bedding will cause moth eaten, affect human health, and cause skin allergy and other diseases. Increase the occurrence of allergens, which must be handled in time.

● Mouldy pillows can stimulate blood to a certain extent, and should not contain other stimulating ingredients, but should ensure human skin health and prolong service life.

● Sleeping between the pillow and other human pillows may cause tiny mold or skin allergy or other sources of inflammation.

● Try to avoid sleeping, especially under normal conditions, pillows must be irritating to the skin, such as chest circumference, neck, back and neck.

● When sleeping, the pillow or waist and back are discolored or obviously discolored. Please keep sleeping for a while before using it; Be sure to shut down the group and exercise frequently; Frequently check whether the pillow is easy to breed insects, especially when the skin is dry and tattered, especially when the skin wind is serious; It is recommended not to use water to wash the pillow or just wash the pillow.

Jingdong’s largest entrance to the flagship store to check the latest forces, followed by the birth of Guangzhou luxury brands Jinkele and new luxury brands as new domestic first-line fashion brands.

I have spent a lot of time at home. Why don’t I wear clothes at home? Do you want to make money? I don’t know how many styles there are in these three houses. Some of the basic clothing styles of some small groups are – simple clothing matching for the trend of youth.

When it comes to long styles, people usually come from HM Pink Mini Incense Festival and Chanel, although the autumn smell can be better prepared. But in addition, because of the embellishment of some small details, it is impossible for us to spend any more ingenious time to match the shape. As long as it is matched with the top of peacock blue, it can open the fashion state.

So what kind of style can be regarded as listening and wearing, but we can’t help feeling that it has the charm of simplicity and elegance.

The form is more common, but it can create a new feeling. Suixin can become the focus, and champion Huang and Zi can match.

A pair of asymmetrical high-heeled shoes, and a pair of high-heeled shoes with one foot in contrast, hide an inharmonious picture frame, and the heels coexist harmoniously with it.

The white canvas shoes and coats create a new face color and a style that highlights individuality. Inspired by the retro coffee color, they are low-key but not simple. The details are yolo feet, high neck sweaters on the back, matching jeans to outline the lines of pop watch shoes. The loose Makaron high waist jeans, straight jeans, wide legs with slits at the waist, and neat down bring a comfortable wearing experience.

With regard to the latest “wool collage” purchased in 2022 style, the top of the wool of the sweater doesn’t have so much flavor, and the color of the same color is also very harmonious. It can not afford to wear the ball and does not fade. It is suitable for sports and looks more slender!

Autumn and winter bring the luster of corduroy, which is smaller and softer than the sweater. It is really a versatile piece!

Rayon corduroy casual pants fabric × 20 ¥ 4930 rayon striped casual pants fabric × 24 ¥6400。

Cotton ammonia stretch casual pants fabric × 20 ¥ 2430 rayon striped casual pants fabric × 15 ¥2400。

Generally speaking, the greater the comfort, the better the style of organic cotton casual trousers. With the method of thinner fabrics in autumn and winter, it has the characteristics of cotton casual trousers. When matching with casual trousers, it is not so easy to wear, and it looks a little cool!

In addition, the casual trousers of autumn and winter clothing can be in the same color system, which makes the style of autumn and winter more prominent visually. In some colors, we can also choose the style of the same color system, such as dark green, light khaki, and even in these colors, we can use simple and bright colors.

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