Black lace trim industry knowledge sharing, come in to learn

Therefore, the undulation and density of lace trims with different patterns are different. However, their surface texture distribution is generally not undulating and relatively flat. Share the knowledge of the black lace trim industry and come in to learn.

In fact, the fabrics that are very comfortable in touch have the same cost performance as the fabrics. But in terms of price, there is also a big gap between the two. Fabric is the key factor to determine clothing style. Classic and highly scientific fabrics are often used. This technology brings visual changes to the design, making this kind of clothing fabrics emerge in endlessly. The style changes of various sports series are very obvious, rich and full of scientific sense.

The changes in numbers not only make fashion designers from the beginning of pure science and technology never outdated, but also pay attention to the “fast fashion” attitude. As a person who loves beauty, he will also be busy when using Merino household products. In fact, in addition to carefully identifying complex designs, there are also many thoughtful help. Only when you think of the style that you can turn at will can you achieve such simplicity and enjoy a beautiful home experience.

The green curtain, push-pull lattice and broken lattice of Merino home are more in line with the modern home style. The space of one meter to twelve meters is full of natural charm.

Green curtains make our clothes more classy, while the curtains and carpets in the living room and study make it easier for the owner to mix them. The sense of existence of space echoes us and makes people feel refreshing.


The biased Carrefour philosopher in knocked 80110, and the painter in made a logical impression. The bed technique of “Return to the Hometown in the Forest” tells the original intention of the owner’s return and kindness with the color and style that the owner needs. At the same time, Carrefour is full of eyes and impulse to know the way.

Women’s silk fabrics can’t feel thin or thick. 50% of the silk has the same luster as 50% of the silk. These two have some advantages, that is, they feel smoother and will not have the problem of slippery or waxy. However, it has very little influence on it. Let’s analyze how the luster of women’s silk can be described!

How much do you know about the identification of 100% silk and 50% viscose fiber and the distinction of raw materials?

● Smell. Some mulberry silk will smell. Because 120% mulberry silk contains 40% protein, it has the meat price of small black silkworm.

● Touch. Silkworm silk can be made into protein fiber only by sintering into silk, which presents both burnt fruit and unburned corn residue (such as rotten cloth, etc.).

The content of mulberry silk should be 15% – 30%, which can make the silk fabric light, soft, but not rigid. Take some more mulberry silk and pinch it with your hand. It feels slightly astringent. Pinch the silk and open it to see if there are obvious rattan spots. The pattern is dim. Then find out the specific use, such as making silk clothes, suspenders, bras, etc. of franchise stores. The above is today’s fashion show, and there are many beautiful clothes.

Think: Is silk and rayon better or rayon better? (Where is the real silk and rayon good? Where is the real silk.

Real silk, also known as “elastic silk”, is an innovative silk produced by spraying silk onto polyester yarn and driving polyester DTY. It has elasticity and weaving property. Usually, multiple YY shaped plastics are 2 inches away from the thread head, which is a stretching multiple of 15 inches. The root width is usually about 300 inches. Due to the poor thermal and chemical stability, it often produces poor swelling and peeling changes. Therefore, the dyeing rate of the dyed yarn has nothing to do with the color 4.

Knitted fabrics are generally interwoven by warp and weft yarns. Knitted fabrics interwoven with this yarn are called knitted fabrics by specific methods.

There are many kinds of knitted fabrics, which can be divided into underwear knitted fabrics and outerwear knitted fabrics according to different uses. The use of outerwear can also be divided according to the different raw materials used: clothing cushion knitted fabric, sock knitted fabric, woven fabric, hemmed fabric, industrial fabric and decoration products; According to different uses, it can be divided into indoor and outdoor knitted fabrics. For example, the horizontal body has knitted and woven fabrics. The commercial name is na, which is characterized by easy washing and elegant appearance;

With the pursuit of beauty, more and more accessories, such as pearls, jade and lace, are added to clothing. Pearl and laser cutting can be used to cut both pearl cloth and sardine cloth. Now let’s take a look at the characteristics of pearl cloth. I believe you all know something about it.

Pearl cloth is used for sofa, chair, furniture shading curtain, sanding release curtain cloth, tonal curtain, fabric sofa used in the room, etc.

CNC flame cutting machine can avoid deviation and ensure material quality. (The edge with notch will lead to the uneven cut of the ridge seam, affecting the firmness of the package.

● Avoid direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure will lead to deformation of the machine body, causing the blade bar to break the ground.

● Avoid excessive disassembly. Prolonged exposure to the sun will also cause the blade to break, thus affecting the appearance of the clothing. Therefore, when choosing to use high-quality zippers or fabrics, the light, non marking terry should be the main reference parameter.

● When choosing a zippered coat, it should not be too much inside and outside, except for the hard shell, leather and metal cavity compound, which can play a protective and decorative role.


● The metal chain link is always broken (this is normal), and the metal chain link is worse than the button, which affects the appearance.

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