Black lace trim industry products, you ignored these small details

With a black sweater, you can instantly improve your temperament. It is more sweet and elegant. You ignore these small details in the black lace trim industry.

According to the quotation, the price is much more expensive than the traditional clothing at present. In the period of cooperation with such clothing merchants, the final payment quotation is often required.

It is often seen that after the wholesaler clothing business has improved the model of the clothes that have not been used on the machine, they have squeezed the previously used thread on the needle. As a result, light has been squeezed into the whole clothing, and the used light is also the digital printing faded.

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The popularity of digital printing in China has been ushered in a rapid development, but the product quality of digital printing technology has not been completely stabilized. At present, our country’s digital printing technology and equipment involve small knitting to introduce the digital printing machine, and we will introduce the digital printing machine in Shaoxing’s digital printing industry.

The digitalization of the full-automatic digital printing machine is a new printing and dyeing equipment. The printing and dyeing process is directly controlled by an electronic computer, which is also improving in the initial work efficiency. The full-automatic digital printing machine can simultaneously print a plane that does not need engraving, and there is no labor demand at all. In the whole process of precision application, the full-automatic digital printing machine is no longer a root.

The production process of digital printing is simply to say that various digital patterns produced and processed by various digital means, such as scanning, digital photos, images or computers, are input into the computer, and then processed by the computer color separation printing system. After that, various special dyes (reactive, dispersed, acidic main coatings) are directly sprayed onto various fabrics or other media by the special RIP software through its spray printing system, and then processed, In a variety of textile fabrics to obtain a variety of high precision printing products.

When you visit Shaanxi Xuefo Mountain and have significantly helped the lettering film with the related products of Shaanxi Xuefo Mountain, please contact us directly, otherwise you will not have a better experience of the performance of the lettering film.

Xuefo Mountain High speed Printing adopts the advantages of quick and accurate printing of plain cloth, colored cloth and glue printing color. This plain cloth can be used in different quantities, with more diversified patterns. The fast conversion is characterized by the perfect digital T-shirt printing pattern, which is suitable for personalized T-shirt printing plain cloth in market batches.

T-shirt printing machine belongs to a kind of digital printing and dyeing equipment. This kind of proof maker uses C60 (or) 200W 600W digital T-shirt printing machine to make subtle lines and turn into quality. The traditional proofing engineer did not go through the detailed design and production process, but through the use of computer software control, the data and image are closely combined without decolorization, so as to achieve the purpose of confirming the production quality.


What are the advantages and characteristics of digital? After the digital printing machine is used to print the plate, the required parts can be sectioned after the sample is taken, and the material of the filter screen can be processed for the production process and fabric, so that the produced digital printing image is clear and opaque. It can be seen that you can print the card on the fabric, and the parts of the image can be sectioned and the layer designed, which gives a new visual experience, and meaningful inspection and regular production of its short hair quality, Visual observation and cognition;

Digital direct injection printing: compared with traditional screen printing, digital direct injection printing has the following advantages: 1. Fast printing speed, fast printable lines, clear and bright colors; 2 No color difference; 3 Super fiber, PVC, paint, ink, metal, rubber, wood, fiber, acrylic, organic glass, glass and other materials; 4 The three-dimensional thickness is accurate and the flatness is accurate and consistent; 5. The error of screen printing and pattern shall be controlled within one fifth; 6. Screen printing of electronic universal materials, elliptical machine, and accurate printing and color registration; 5. The accurate positioning and lateral resistance displacement shall be uniform at 30 time intervals. 6 The printing and digital printing are complex and fine, and various cylinder screen plates can be printed according to the requirements to produce computer screen plates, interesting patterns, interval pattern drawings and other large format and patterns. 7 Flying heavy weight printing soft film material, double color hue helps to print, thus improving the accuracy and precision of the pattern.

lace trim

Digital printing is recognized by the industry as a modern enterprise, which transforms the personalized, small batch and fast products into fast fashion, fast fashion, etc.

Digital printing technology can make the details of printed products more interesting in the market, with fast growth speed. 5. The visual effect is faster; It can realize fast conversion in small batches, and the work efficiency of digital printing is lower than that of traditional printing. In addition, traditional printing has the following advantages: 1. When 3D stereo chromaticity is not enough, ink coding cannot be realized, which will lead to the failure of the design; 2. 3D chromaticity is not included in the ink coding, and cannot be used for photo rearrangement and color printing; 3. Traditional printing has insufficient defects, which will lead to the waste of cost and energy.

In the market of digital printing industry, animal like direct spray printing is often used as the main method. Due to its weakness and easy to touch, it not only gives people a lot of routines, but also adds a visual effect and visual effect to the products.

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