Can the black lace trim industry achieve sustainable growth?

It exceeds the level of the same period in 2019. Enterprises above designated size in the clothing industry have realized an accumulated operating income of 100 million yuan, up 65% year on year; Can the black lace trim industry achieve sustainable growth? The growth trend of industry investment in silk clothing industry.

All these development laws make silk fabrics the most far-reaching mission in the real century and also affect the mission. Its scale is not easy to expand the successful experience and capacity of the entire production industry in textile and clothing exports.

In order to further strengthen the structural adjustment of the silk fabric industry, build a high standard definition to enhance silk production and develop economic benefits, introduce advanced silk production equipment, and use high-performance efforts to develop new silk product industrialization technology. We will establish and improve a strict quality management system throughout the silk production process. We will work hard on human resources and work production resources of enterprises with high standards and in accordance with the law, and we will be obligated to accelerate technological transformation of enterprises. Strive to ensure that the quality complaint rate of the silk raw material system, silk process system and the whole process of silk production is much higher than the refining index, and there is a certain weakness in the quality management system of enterprises in the standard review of enterprises in the nylon fiber, silk spinning and silk spinning industries. The study of textile materials will not only bring attention to enterprises, improve their international competitiveness, and give play to their competitiveness. For example, the physical properties of textiles affect the properties of textile materials, mainly including fabric structure design, weaving and processing, printing and dyeing product design, fabric color, fabric thickness design, fabric thermal, offset printing, etc. Although the textile fiber material in China is relatively light, its filler, yarn and fabric strength is extremely high, almost on a par with 2012.

The development of fiber is still very difficult. Since a few developed countries at home and abroad have also carried out large-scale research and development in the early stage of China’s textile materials related products, the development of fiber is still very impressive.

The introduction of equipment and technology has greatly improved the quality of fiber. Compared with traditional textiles, the actual production process of PBT is basically the same. The PBT production standard is strictly implemented, and the whole process emission of raw materials, yarn quality, hairiness and fiber length can be reduced from raw materials. Because PBT does not go through bleaching, dyeing and other processes, the environmental PH is generally unstable and the temperature index cannot meet the requirements.

According to the characteristics of PBT fiber, from low temperature to drying, three series of tests were completed, including testing, discharge and weft change. The test lasts for 5 days, and the test results remain basically stable after 100 consecutive tests. PBT fiber content reaches 100%.

The top body of bell less furnace plate adopts an open process, which ensures that there is enough gas in the furnace.

lace trim

We believe that the emerging brands of PBTER in Italy in the whole important market are mainly Italian players from all over the world, Tenceor, who provide the best materials to adapt to the furnace roof bodies of different sizes and materials. At the same time, this specification.

Italy’s former automatic furnace (extension) is mainly due to its high heating temperature (up to M2 ratio), strong extension and additional internal design. Its comprehensive utilization reduces noise, reduces maintenance, and extends the service life and tail end of the furnace top system for transportation and maintenance. It is not conducive to the automatic preparation of the production furnace, and can only meet the production needs of the car rear road.

Of course, any PET yarn used for the raw PET yarn can be made separately, thus increasing the preparation cost. Short service time, can be reused for many times, and reduce cost; The economic benefit is good, but the transportation time is as short as the army, and the speed is far lower than that of polyester fiber without cotton yarn. The economic benefits are good, but the upstream raw materials have not been reached. In the future, with the enhancement of the environmental protection concept, your carbon will certainly disappear.

Zhejiang Yinyu is located in Jinhua National Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 128 mu, with 5.21 million square meters of production plants, office buildings and auxiliary buildings. At present, its registered capital is 92 million yuan. The purpose of the company is to “build the world’s first manufacturer of adhesive linings”. Since its establishment, Zhejiang Yinyu has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of differential fine denier polyester yarn and high-end woven adhesive lining substrate. Purpose: “The first manufacturer will use all adhesives and all heat sealing adhesive linings”. Purpose: “On the one hand, it is the real function of technology and products; on the other hand, it is also the competitiveness of downstream markets. For example, it will promote technological innovation through these two mutually beneficial platforms”.

The adhesive shall be pasted onto the appearance of the equipment in the way of maximum printing effect with the best adhesive performance. If the heat sealing adhesive lining base cloth is combined in the best way of adhesion effect, it is a layer outside the heat sealing adhesive machine base, and the adhesive bottom between the adhesive bottom surface between the heat sealing bottom surface and the same base plate of the heat sealing negative film uses the heat sealing adhesive lining base, the heat sealing adhesive machine base inductance and the heat sealing rubber made of high temperature resistant adhesive material.

The electric company’s products mainly include PU, PVC, PPO, PPS, hot melt sheet, EVA, P84, PO, P profile and EPDM.

National and international brands of leather goods, high matching clothing, footwear accessories and processing pieces, namely, shoes, insoles, backpacks of various styles.

The “Saint Mabo” brand of international masters is a shoe product manufacturer integrating product design, R&D, sales and after-sales, which has a design management system integrating design, construction, sales and after-sales,

It has fine production, complete varieties, high consumption, stable quality, environmental protection, health, high processing efficiency, and a wide range of applications. It has passed ISO9001 and ISO14000 environmental management system certification to meet all your needs in an all-round way.

It is engaged in the development, production and sales of shoe fiber, shoe leather fiber, textile preparation, knitwear processing, woven shoe materials, plush toys, clothing accessories, and has a complete and scientific quality management system.

Main production equipment: used to produce materials such as cloth, woven needle cloth, non-woven fabric, knitted fabric, woven fabric, non-woven fabric and non-woven fabric products; Leather, fiber and composite materials and products (including non-woven fabrics, spunlaced non-woven fabrics, hot-rolled non-woven fabrics, polyester felt, paper, cloth, wavy non-woven fabrics, activated carbon non-woven fabrics, etc.), various functions and uses.

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