Can you bleach lace fabric

Dry cleaning, water washing or bleaching of fiber, filament, yarn, thread, fabric, feather or fiber products; Can you bleach lace fabric.

Lace: lace, embroidery lace, bow tie. It is mainly used for women’s underpants and can also be worn by some women. Disk lace, bow tie, braid disk flower, raccoon disk flower, dog disk lace, belt, cap edge, belly towel, shawl, chest ornament, neckband, etc. It is mainly used for men’s T-shirts, which is both comfortable and practical.

Embroidered headwear, ribbons, ribbons, lace, collar, overflow ribbon, hand binding, accessories, fashion wear, functional printing belt, socks, underwear, wedding dress, hat trim, etc.

Laptop computer knitting bow tie, flat connection fruit net cloth, wipe tea towel. Shirts, pants, fashion, knitted clothing, denim clothing, T-shirts, casual clothes, warm pants, gloves, leggings, scarves, hats, sleeping bags, handkerchiefs, ring clothing, headscarf, sun, chest, hips, shoulder straps, hip masks, sweaters, baby clothes, bath towels, evening gowns, various underwear clothing, swimwear, cloth, fashion, costumes and other clothing.

lace trim

● Fabric used (Clothes, textiles – leather clothes, underwear, knitwear – beach pants – vests, polo shirts – sweaters, shirts – women’s coats, T-shirts – men’s sweaters, polo shirts – men’s sweaters, tights – loose pants – men’s sweaters, pants – T-shirts – men’s casual pants – sweaters, T-shirts – men’s sweaters – other outdoor clothing, underwear – sportswear – uniforms, windbreaker – sweaters – dresses – gentle suits, the best clothes – sportswear – men’s pure cotton clothing – evening dresses- Dresses – Tang suits and gowns – men’s wear – suits, suits – suits, suits, trousers – bathrobes and accessories – bras, gloves and shawls – aprons, tennis blankets – sleeping blankets, pajamas, belly shirts, light cheongsam, cashmere shawls, cloaks, nightgowns, gowns, belts, harness accessories – bras, glove buckles, harness accessories – outerwear – short sleeves, trousers – formal wear – men’s short skirts, casual pants – half skirts, slippers – short skirts Summer work clothes – tights, T-shirts – shorts, skirts, jackets, cotton yarn, single tops. Robes, suits, uniforms, vests, suits, summer work clothes, summer sportswear, tightener, nurse clothes, doctor clothes, men’s and women’s clothing, multi-functional clothing, skirts, vests, skirts, shoulder pads, raincoats, one-piece clothing, winter clothing, doctor’s clothing, men’s and women’s clothing, sports casual clothing, medical clothing, multi-purpose sports clothing and other series of sports clothing.

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June 21, 2023 Company News
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