Can you dye lace fabric

Various structural fabrics and fabrics: flannel, lace, coated fabrics, etc; Readymade clothes: Can you dye lace fabric.

Polyethylene polyester composite waterproof roll is a new type of waterproof roll, which is made by adding anti-aging agent, stabilizer, adhesive aid, polyester composite agent, stabilizer, polyethylene composite agent and polypropylene into the original polyethylene synthetic polymer material.

Pre-laid self-adhesive polyester waterproofing membrane – Liaoning polyester composite waterproofing membrane manufacturer 2022 has updated/recommended (today/recommended.

Heilongjiang polyester composite waterproof coiled material – Wuhan Hebi polymer composite coiled material wholesale and retail (information) – Linyi.

All TPU composite fabrics have fine touch, special texture and colorful luster.

According to the impact resistance requirements of different places, the company specializes in the production and sales of various elastic 16K, 25K and 40K semi-DP, mainly used for civilian tents, quilt covers, industrial tents and inflatable tents.

lace trim

Half wool quilt and wool machine are widely used, also known as full wool, wool machine, woven tent, tarpaulin, towel, artificial fur, etc. The common specifications are shown in the table below.

One-way plastic geogrid, glass fiber grid, plastic grid, polyester grid, one-way plastic grid, polyester grid, etc.

Bidirectional plastic geogrid: It is a geotechnical material with a certain height and fastness, which is made of polypropylene as the main raw material through extrusion, bonding, centrifugation, calendering, spray, coating and other processes. Two-way plastic geogrid: its vertical and horizontal.

Geogrid: select qualified high-density polyethylene HDPE geomembrane, which can effectively and reasonably withstand the impact force of various high-strength shear. It is safer than asphalt, more suitable for highway or railway soft soil foundation, and reduce the damage to soil. Geogrid has high tensile strength and excellent resistance.

Geocell and ecological cell have larger or shorter distribution, so their difference lies in their degree of difference. Under certain circumstances, their differences will lead to each other, but they will not learn from each other. In this case, the geocell has excellent tensile strength, short elongation and small bearing capacity. The geocell with strong bearing capacity can be designed and arranged in form. The total width is 34 meters and the width is 25 meters. The paving cloth of the geocell is about 8 meters wide. At present, the market price is 2 meters. There are many types of geocell. According to the color and material, the construction scheme can meet the requirements, and the price will be reasonable.

The function of the waterproof blanket pre-shrinking machine is to coat photosensitive emulsion on the cloth base by rubber film and EVA composite material, and then put the treated powder into a position where the edge can be closed to prevent the composite material from loosening or shifting due to air leakage. It can also be removed and bonded between the suture and the hot melt adhesive to complete the reinforcement.

lace trim

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April 15, 2023 Company News
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