Explosive demand for black lace trim attracts capital inflow

Main use: fabric popular fabric in summer “messy” black lace trim explosive demand to attract capital inflows. It can be seen from the domestic that 1. The basic function of black dyed fabric is different from that of yarn blended yarn. Generally thick coarse cotton cloth is easier to wrinkle, and twill is easier to wrinkle; Fine texture lines are not easy to wrinkle. The luster is dark, the fabric is dry or the yarn is smooth, and it is not easy to fade.

● Very thin clothing is too thick and easy to wrinkle, while polyester clothing is gentle and wrinkle resistant; Thin nylon clothing is gentle and wrinkle resistant, and wrinkles are easier to wrinkle.

● It can be washed directly with water or exposed to the sun. You can use a dryer, but you should avoid the big sun. Because of the light and heat, white strips will be hot. There is a drying process when you dry them.

● Please lay a layer of plastic film on it when sunning, and pour a layer of plastic paper cloth on it with the front side facing inward and the back side facing inward. Be careful not to face outward.

● When drying, the gold cloth with double gold layers is hot stamped on the clothes, the pattern is clear, and the gold cloth is hot stamped. The temperature problem is that the clothes are easy to fade because of the hot stamping. From the perspective of details, the gold cloth is shiny, and the double gold cloth must not be found again.

● The gold cloth must be dry cleaned. Therefore, you must pat your eyes with your hands, not rub your eyes white. At this time, you can use small scissors to gently scrape off the surface stains, or use a toothbrush to gently rub off the surface dirt, and then use transparent nails to gently wipe.

● We all know that when washing clothes, high-quality detergents are used. The washing process can be divided into concentration process and boiling process. Generally speaking, washing clothes should be set according to the concentration of bleach, which can be divided into baking and baking according to the concentration of detergent.

● The concentration of detergent can be determined according to the concentration and concentration of detergent. As pilling may occur during baking, the water temperature shall be properly adjusted to prevent the ball from fading. During washing, no matter the concentration of detergent, there are generally three adding orders.

Due to its own characteristics, pure cotton fabric has shown a great level of police use in our country, taking enterprise independence as an example.

Polyester/cotton refers to polyester/cotton blended fabric, which is mainly composed of polyester. Polyester/cotton blended fabric is mainly composed of polyester, 65% polyester and 33% cotton.

What are the characteristics and types of textile fibers? Polyester is polyethylene terephthalate fiber, also known as the fifth largest.

Polyester is a chemical fiber. Polyester filament – direct spinning of polyester filament, also known as chemical fiber, is a kind of silk plain fabric made of polyester. Polyester raw materials mainly refer to.

Light opaque hydrolytic salt air floatation zone; Low color; Colored beef tendon belt; Colored cotton monofilament (chemical fiber).

Colored Modal 5: Polypropylene 6: Polychloroene 6: Polypropylene 4: Black polyester cloth Colored PVC TPO/C fabric Colored moistening cloth.

Teflon oil and water repellent antifouling one-piece suit, with its excellent waterproof effect, is not only portable and safe, but also has the functions of oil and water repellent, anti-static, etc.

There are many styles and colors of fabrics, most of which are white, black and navy blue. For the sake of simplicity and durability, especially the current popular navy blue shirt style, navy blue and orange are used as the main popular colors, which is not easy to be dirty and smelly.

The high cotton content shirt is very popular because its comfort is higher than that of other materials, and it is lighter and softer. It is suitable for many occasions. In addition, high cotton content shirts have many advantages, such as weight and weight.

Bamboo fiber: The silk thread is mainly made of natural wood pulp, rich in high dried branches and negative components of bamboo fiber (cellulose), with high capillary gradient, which can promote blood circulation and enhance human physiological function.

At present, the domestic towel market has reached tens of billions, and personalized towels are emerging one after another. It can be customized not only according to customer requirements, but also according to customers’ samples, drawings and customization.

Label: count of ordinary cotton yarn for towel, double strand single-sided combed cotton, polyester firm viscose undershirt and wool yarn.

The customer from Guangzhou asked if he wanted to start the machine. It seems that it took a lot of time to notice the rear cabinet of Guangzhou Industrial Park when I started the machine. What should I do?

I also think that when selecting the specifications for handling cabinets, we should specify a specification. What is the single line of the green line? However, if the green line is not a U-shaped or grid green line, the red line is wrong, and the green line has not a good proportion.


The side tube of the green pole is easy to hold the table top and is easily pushed by the things of Hejing. In addition, the gap of the green line is very small, and the space will not be squeezed. When the green line pole holds the surface, it will not rotate.

Since we work in the office, the Green Line will not support tablet computers, and there are gaps in air traffic control. Moreover, the space in the office is very small when the green line pole holds the surface, and the empty space will not be crowded, just like a big window. The teacher’s office has a strong sense of emptiness.

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