Foreign trader of white lace fabric, you can’t wait any longer

Then select dyes with high dyeing performance. For example, when dyeing wool fabrics, you can’t wait for the foreign trader of white lace fabrics. When dyeing wool blended fabric, soak it in hot water for 10min, wash away the stains on the case, and then wash it. Do not soak it in hot water.

For example, in the northern market of China, 1 natural wool fiber is blended with cotton fiber, and the price difference of wool of the same thickness is obvious, so it is not easy to blend. 2. Cotton fiber is more expensive than pure wool fabric, which absorbs sweat and is not easy to deform; Pure wool and pure wool are more expensive and cheaper. 3. Wool like+cashmere+rabbit hair is the key to high-grade worsted fabrics.

Cotton fiber is more expensive than pure wool, which absorbs sweat and is not easy to fuzz; But pure wool is more expensive, more high-grade, lighter, elastic and stylish sweater. There are coarse wool and worsted.

● Wool like fabric is warm, because it is fine and very small and smooth, so it is very durable;


● The imitation wool is more warm, because it is fine and light and soft, and the imitation wool on the smooth surface is not easy to pilling, so you can focus on decorating small sweaters;

● Wool like short woolen cloth Wool like woolen cloth with wool texture.

● Woolen jacket single woolen big woolen fabric Woolen jacket single woolen fabric.

● Woolen small fragrant fabric coarse woolen fabric coarse woolen flannel woolen fabric coarse woolen fabric coarse woolen suit fabric.

● Coarse wool blended wheaten fabric Coarse wool blended wheaten wool fabric Coarse wool woven woolen fabric Coarse wool linen fabric.

● Coarse wool blended woolen fabric woolen woolen fabric woolen woolen fabric woolen woolen fabric woolen woolen fabric woolen woolen fabric woolen fabric woolen fabric woolen fabric woolen fabric woolen fabric woolen fabric woolen fabric woolen fabric woolen fabric woolen fabric woolen fabric.

Model: 32/46/30s SSL (+1) thick strip thick pitch: 3/12/14/16MM thick corrugated linoleum putty thick thin strip: 5/12/14/16MM thick corrugated strip: 1/15/16/20 static blanking: blanking, loading, linoleum colored strip.

Our company is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of dye products, expanding the market distribution. It is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of various specifications of dye products, and its distribution expands the market. Mainly engaged in the technical development, design and development of home textile, knitting and warp knitted fabrics. The company has won many honors in terms of technology research and development. It has strong overall strength in the development of multi variety and multi color products and manufacturers, mainly introducing domestic and foreign famous brand companies.

We are constantly committed to new products, optimizing the development of new technologies and processes, cooperating with international famous companies such as Zegna, elly, newba, Armani and other famous mechanical technology brands to develop various new technologies, constantly developing new varieties, increasing the customer’s market and making our products more popular.

We regard quality as our life and honor integrity. We rely on the spirit of cooperation and innovation to achieve strategic cooperation with many countries in the world. We have made great efforts to develop new products to customers, and we can win the market! We get the order.

The bronzing process is a process that integrates the bronzing machine with sandblasting equipment and molds (roller molds). Usage: (1) The ink-jet (not direct) printing machine and the machine (roller mold) shall be matched with each other, and the active gilding shall be configured. The mixing gap, steam ironing and pressure material selection plane between the transfer machine and the machine (roller mold) shall be planed, and the double drum direct printing machine shall be used; (2) Before hot stamping, be sure to carefully adjust and maintain the constant temperature. The temperature of the machine (shaft mold) is about 130 degrees, and the temperature is 5 degrees. 6 degrees. (3) In addition to the ink with high frequency of use, the ink itself may generate a high temperature of 48-48 degrees. The ink actually contacts the computer background, and the computer will spray and rotate the surface in the plane, thus automatically realizing the accurate alignment between people and machines, as well as curve alignment, so as to see patterns and lines from clear lines.

The pattern design of digital printing must be paid attention to, and the pattern design of digital printing must have the practical sense of pattern design. Pattern design should not only adapt to people and technology, but also have functional and graphic features.

The design of digital jet printing technology generally requires secondary printing on white ink germ cloth, and then film covering. Due to the penetration of ink, the drying state of pigment particles before printing, the fruits left on the cloth and other unfavorable storage materials, resulting in blocking at the ink head and other positions. Through the examination of the situation, we obtained the appearance of the scheme.

To make the ink film coated on the denim, a layer of paint on the attachment is coated with ink stick acid or ink powder. Some inks are difficult to penetrate into the cloth surface, causing the nodes inside the dark cloth to migrate into scale. Although pay attention to using permeable ink when painting ink, you can use disperse dyes to dye light colors, or the effect of thick cloth will fade.

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