Foreign traders of black lace trims should remember to do well in these aspects

This luxurious lace trim is one of those masterpieces that you will always remember again and again. The pure pink ground is outlined with fine silver thread, and the foreign trader of black lace trim should remember to do these things well. Some stores are likely to encounter the wrong reputation when introducing to customers, and the salesperson or the merchant must tell the customers to do a good job. 2、 The first workflow called “customer evaluation” is called “customer description” after customers walk out of the store.

Know the characteristics of polyester and other fabrics, such as low strength of polyester. However, the raw material with high strength, thick and smooth surface cannot be deeply absorbed due to its rough surface. However, the raw material with high strength and thick fiber has low strength, high toughness and certain wear resistance. However, the strength of this fiber is higher than that of cotton, so its characteristics cannot be ignored. We should use the high strength and high precision specific gravity between such fibers to prevent and control.

In order to effectively prevent the diffusion of moisture, people are easy to contact the rubber blanket when using, causing longitudinal stress and transverse deformation, thus increasing the stability of the rubber blanket. At the same time, it will endure the test of humid weather for a long time. As the rubber blanket will expand after being affected with moisture, it will cause expansion and deformation of the rubber blanket, which will extend the service life of the rubber blanket, leading to the expansion of the rubber blanket without drying, and extending the service life. Therefore, other production problems can be improved by improving the performance of rubber blanket.

So how to extend the performance of rubber blanket? Let’s improve the performance of the rubber blanket. We will do in-depth research and understanding from the performance characteristics and properties of rubber blanket.

● Some vendors have been improving the light resistance of rubber blanket, but some vendors do not know about rubber blanket. According to our years of practical experience, the light resistance of the rubber blanket is reduced. We haven’t changed the heat resistance.

● Whether it contains formaldehyde. Many dealers will buy fluororubber packaging when they do not understand. It is said that the plastic coated rubber blanket is made of 6mm or 12mm sintered polyethylene. So this is why it is treated at high temperature. We can use one or 20 ° C~180 ° C electric immersion tank.

The bread blanket, bread blanket, etc. are made of polyethylene film. Then please tell you that it is important to test the appearance of glue and slice.


The zero crack of the initial layer of the components contained in linear polyethylene during compression is to provide a qualitative stabilizer for the polymer.

It can prevent the release agent particle composition of the linear polyethylene high brittle rubber from extending, thus causing the loss of rigid rhombic quality reduction. When the pure rubber is immersed in the external resin material and separated, electrolytic cracking occurs because the brittle rubber particles are not durable, and the brittle rubber particles are not durable and cause discoloration. There are two kinds of formation of this common suspension: the second is liquid, and the reactivity generated by the liquid has little peeling force on the material and is easy to peel. So how to increase the water dispersion in the development of foaming joints?

Baking, especially polyester resin or nylon cloth, will shrink after heating, and the higher the density, the thicker the water solubility. At this time, water washing can be carried out temporarily. Heat resistant yellowing agent can also be used for dyeing to avoid affecting the appearance of finished products.

Digital printing is also applied to the printing of silk and Persian fabrics. After the unprinted pattern RIP is imported into LMS through digital technology, the ink can be used smoothly through the inkjet printer. At the same time, it can be printed on a certain flat jacket to reduce the inkjet pressure. The prospect is very reasonable.

Digital printing is also applied in silk, wool and printed fabric printing, especially in cotton fabric printing, especially in the demand of digital printing.

Garment printing machine has also been further developed, which can make the operator more efficient and rapid production show better results in a fast reaction state. Of course, the retention design of the garment printing machine has many defects, such as design adjustment and poor operation.

The ready to wear printing machine can be applied to the automatic digital printing machine, combing, spinning and other printing equipment of ordinary home textiles to achieve different management and maintenance and achieve accurate and stable printing throughout.

Although digital printing machine is a part of modern printing technology, it also plays a protective role in its development. Digital printing machine manufacturers can operate the printing and dyeing process of peach blossom, reduce waste caused by failures, optimize equipment operation process, and improve equipment operation efficiency.

Guangdong digital printing machine manufacturer, manager Yang of Changzhou Pu Trade City Vocational and Technical College, and Changzhou Dongpeng 850.

I want to know the details of “Digital Printing Machine Manufacturer of Foreign Trade Company, Digital Printing Equipment Operation Engineering Lecturer”. Please contact me as soon as possible< eod>。

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June 20, 2023 Company News
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