From R&D to design, how does the lace trim industry open a new era?

According to the observation of the Digital Printing Color Design Training School, how can the lace trim industry start a new era from research and development to design when cooperating with heat transfer printing manufacturers? If these designs are professional, I believe I’m glad to give them to you.

The training and study of digital printing is generally a two month cycle, of course, it is specifically related to more than 200 stages last year, especially computer engineering. The digital printing design training school tells you several key points to master in digital printing design.

lace trim

Operator requirements are based on the operator. The operator shall keep his hands straight and exposed. It is better to wear cotton gloves to avoid excessive force and often touch the fabric. Check the tightness of the work clothes to ensure the quality of the clothes.

The natural shape of the human body should be taken into account when making technical decisions. Tightness is an important factor in determining clothing style. Take the leg curve as the axis of symmetry, and strive to create a shape that conforms to the human body.

The general hemp lining is made of high count and high density cotton thread. After plasticizing treatment, the floating long thread on the surface of the weft direction is woven from the long thread, and then reinforced with twisted pair, and it passes through the main warp.

Yarn dyed weaving is to make yarn from dyed warp and weft, and match it with the lodging combination of colors to form patterns on the surface of the fabric. Yarn dyed fabrics mainly include: color printing and dyeing, woolen fabrics, color burnt out fabrics, silk like fabrics, various designs and colors, system integration speed, etc.

Brief description: cotton: compared with pure cotton, pure cotton feels soft and has good air permeability.

In terms of yarn, such as hemp, wool, silk and natural fibers, the price is also relatively high.

Cotton, flax and natural fiber combined with two kinds of fibers have good comprehensive performance and relatively higher price;

Silk material is superior to chemical fiber. The finished product made of chemical fiber fabric has the advantages of good wrinkle resistance, soft hand feel, etc. It is very stylish and neat to wear.

In addition, the luster and texture of silk fabrics are different with different materials. The more noble silk fabrics are, the more they will show the unique texture of bright pearl. In addition, silk fabric feels soft and waxy compared with chemical fiber fabric fine denier silk.

It can be seen that silk fabric is not silk fabric, but refers to a PET silk fabric.

The above is all the information about silk fabrics. Many of the contents of optical fiber cannot be considered before, because many science and technology are quietly imitating.

European style sand was released, the favorite of big brands of imported fabrics, European style sofas were placed at random, and European style sofas were decorated with one percent of high-quality sofa fabric brands, etc.

The KTV sofa is customized, the bar club sofa is customized, the formal sofa style is professionally launched for the hotel director, and the customized hotel is a real estate agent, with very stable quality.

Clubhouse: Jingdezhen square sofa is customized, high-quality fabric sofa is customized, high-end European sofa is painted on the front page, high-quality hotel sofa is customized, and the quality is very guaranteed.

The sofa of five-star hotel is customized, and the pure imported jacquard fabric is natural and environmentally friendly; The fabric is elegant, fresh and natural, with excellent durability; Fabric, light and comfortable, long service life.

903 double light stainless steel exhibition porch American style tea table cloth chandelier tea table side table is designed to be empty with leather.

Quiet shower curtain decorative non-woven fabric blackout waterproof material coffee curtain 100% cotton cloth silk cotton electric kettle insulation board ceramic tile bibulous tile decompression porcelain tea set fruit freezer.

American solid wood multi-storey mat doormat residential cOT mat ditch floor leisure anti-skid pad filler 9016m.

Fish bone porcelain sealing pad Household baby equipment Office dining chair Garbage room porch pad eva tablecloth sponge packing box thickened storage box Granular flannelette soft package blue and white porcelain.

Pure color felt products are sold, color felt products are processed, and a full set of packaging accessories box, felt table mat edge are processed.


Cotton and woolen cloth small storage box Color felt storage box Jewelry box Crafts box Adhesive felt box storage box.

Couple DIY inlaid cake coupon coffee coupon Hengyuanxiang gift box with vacuum silver wiping cloth.

Baoshan Tetrafluoroethylene Cotton Fabric Vulcanized Spacer Piece Type Deviation Correction Pad Wheat Lint Cloth Product Name: Modal Five Finger Gloves.

Brand: craYXINESTER RUYI Applicable age: 25-29 years old Size: bust shoulder width Length: 165CM Coat length: width.

Full printed silk dress! This long sleeve design feels great! Don’t pick anyone to wear! Short front and long back with hem. Don’t pick anyone to wear! Bowknot decoration on the body is very modern. The letter design on the cuffs makes the upper body look thin. High collar design, covering the flesh and looking thin. The choice between men and women. Color: black, white, navy, apricot, dark green, red shirt and trousers can be worn, together with dark green sweater and gray shirt.

The fabric is comfortable, soft, elastic and of good texture. Color: black, navy blue, red, light yellow, etc.

Washed transparent fabric, with super short design, highlights the front to highlight the shoulder V neck, which can be worn at will.

The softness of flannelette is pure and very soft, and it can be used to make various fashionable clothes. The fashionable and popular unlined cloth is tightly combined with high-quality fabrics and services.

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