Germany’s industrial chain adjustment for lace trim

As lace belongs to chemical fiber fabric, which stimulates the body to a certain extent, Germany has adjusted the industrial chain of lace trim.

Some are generally made of polyester, acrylic, vinylon, viscose, acetic acid, nylon, etc., with good softness, fluffy and smooth effect. At the same time, it also has good moisture absorption, which is an ideal production style.

180~210 pattern printed on the trousers; Twill cloth, wash cloth, denim, twill cloth, labor cloth, blended cloth, coarse cloth, etc;

The front and back, the front design, the front and back wiring, the front printing, the grain and the grain are clear, the color is bright and harmonious.

● Process selection: Common products on the market include: light strip, hemp rope, embroidery, laser cutting, stainless steel cutting, toothbrush cutting, cotton cloth, linen, nylon cloth, felt, colored ding cloth, chemical fiber cloth, denim, lace, mesh cloth, grid cloth, etc.

● Process selection: on the premise of judging the fabric quality, you can choose the thicker fabric. If the fabric is thicker, you should be careful. If the cloth is not too thick, the skeleton structure is relatively large, and reinforcement should be paid attention to ensure that the cloth will not crack easily.

● Cutting: the length of the edge cloth. This requires a comprehensive inspection of the margin, and attention should be paid to the alignment of the size as far as possible, and the setting of the distance.

When the cloth is taken out of the wire slot, the twist lock socket is also convenient for removal and installation. Generally, when removing the plug, the plug should be installed on the wire and grounding part.

Step 2: Check whether the wire is demagnetized. Check whether the wire is in good condition. If it is a small disconnection, the electrode part of the wire will be damaged, and it should be replaced immediately.

lace trim

Step 3: Check the sideline of the bending part. Every part has a connected cycle. After the conductor is named according to its position, its angle line will be larger and its positions will be the same. All positions will be fixed firmly, and the later positions will be clearer.

lace trim

Through the combination of C4H6ar+TY90 high twist rod and 5D, K45A-009A is pulled out, and the thumb is attracted by air. The increase of breaking strength increases the elasticity of the line, thus reducing the pulling, and realizing the completion of air twisting, conductive and electromagnetic conduction. Fabric factory in Chongqing.

The color masterbatch of building paint does not meet the national environmental protection requirements, so it is included in GRS, GSV, CPSC and other environmental protection testing standards.

The fiber degradation agent system is being upgraded, and the detection standards of the national standard drafting unit and other standards have reached 999%. For dyes with complex color phases, you can provide various color matching schemes that have passed ROHS certification, or provide different colors and properties according to customer requirements.

● High concentration: a highly dispersed substance (Na chain) with good pH stability is used. Its various surfactants can improve the dispersion of dyes, prevent the reaction between dyes and fibers, and simplify the dyeing process of dyes;

● Low dye content: main chemical SKYANLS ® O-6 is a halogen-free halogen-free fluorescent lubricant. It overcomes the hydrophobicity of the traditional anion surface, greatly improves the water property and UV penetration, has good acid and alkali resistance, and can be used to treat white fluorescent viscous stain enhancer. It is a new generation of environment-friendly non-ionic polymer compound. After the product is removed, its antibacterial and deodorant effects are still significant.

When the low formaldehyde surface is evenly plastered, 20 pounds of acetic acid is used. Because the adhesion between water and fiber root is reduced, and it is easy to be dyed with red light, problems arise when the low formaldehyde surface is dull

● Key points of soluble copolymerization modification: at present, the copolymerization transparency of water-soluble copolymerization of monomers with smaller layers is very low, mainly because of changes in materials and crystal density under crystallization, also known as chemical reaction. On very different filaments, there are derivative copolymers on their molecular chains. Therefore, small crystallinity, water-soluble copolymerization and modification will extend this batch of elements to other materials. Dyes and fibers are of the same composition. The process of fiber adhesion after chemical reaction is also called chemical reaction. When chemical reaction is a process of fiber migration and diffusion or dyeing and finishing, the ratio of chemical reaction also has a great impact on the growth of fiber, and the selection of colorants should meet the overall requirements of the human body. Therefore, the dyeing process of natural plant pigments or synthetic rubber can minimize the scope of application of dyeing, such as jeans, silk, precious gold and silver jewelry and expensive silk stockings. The selection of natural plant pigments or fine natural plant pigments has very little impact on the environment, so the selection of natural plant pigments or expensive natural plant pigments has the least impact on the environment, requiring some environmentally strong plant pigment dyeing processes.

The fabrics made of natural plant pigments or high-grade silk are mainly made of soft organza and gum colored natural pigments. The saturated pure linen color and polyester fiber are innovative. Most of the fabrics made of them meet the requirements of 16 kinds of full antibacterial, odor proof and mildew proof, and have good washing resistance and iron free performance. The varieties of fabrics developed in this field basically meet the requirements of the national “three products and five museums”, and have a high cost performance ratio. The newly developed functional textile fabrics, such as “Bafeiyin” and “Shuhu Light Clothes”, are widely used in the field of underwear, clothing and bedding manufacturing.

● In the 1970s, a number of new technologies and functional permanent environment-friendly fibers were developed for healthy functional fibers mainly made of antibacterial fibers, which received national attention.

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August 16, 2023 Company News
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