High production standard black lace trim

According to the test standards, develop the test plan and scheme for the test products; High production standard black lace trim.

Test method://- 4 Purple represents the blue purple/fineness measured from the test to the sample/I//short texture/sampling/sample sampling/test results://Ten black represents the dyeing shrinkage/cotton color/weight deviation of the base fabric/washability/durable color/light proof/alkali proof (low PH value)/fiber size deviation/hardness deviation/alkali proof period/ratio/the net weight of polyester fiber product is 100 meters, and the production capacity deviation of yarn and base fabric per meter is △ L/m; (Wool Colorfastness。

● Open the product in an open way (in general, or when it cannot be used quantitatively, the full length of the piece is 15m. Of course, if each piece is not long, a small piece of sample shall be taken to open it firmly;

There are many double shuttles in silk during the process of crimping and removing. Under normal circumstances, the full length of the piece can be taken (every 100m to 1 shuttle). Generally, two double shuttles are used, which are heavier (the ancients knew that m1~2).

● Both sides and both sides shall be the same, without large curl. In severe cases, the drawing length and weft process will also occur. In this way, uniform folds and appearance differences will appear in the cloth stripe.

● Only cloth can be used to apply putty: just rub the cloth surface with a wooden stick or other solvent, and the putty can be directly rubbed, especially in terms of the difficulty, texture and feel of specific manufacturing work.

● Color deviation: the glue surface of the glue on the cloth is parallel. The thickness, size and other aspects have been strictly tested, and the base map has not become too large. However, some printed clear base maps require extremely real color difference and basic color fastness.

● Style: Although it is said that the viscose surface of the fabric cannot be produced by digital printing, the current digital printing technology has developed rapidly, greatly reducing the production of small batches of goods.

The plain and unadorned plaid fabric has always been an irreplaceable fashion element. Almost every year, the plaid fabric will become the goal of fashion renovation. Changing fabrics of different materials and matching the plaid elements will always bring many unexpected gains.

No inspiration for design? Come and have a look at Yuming Textile! The new bronzing fabric 892 is simple and fashionable, soft and washable. How can it be fashionable?

The fashionable and personalized fashion scenery ring uses fashionable trend elements to highlight the fashion on the fabric. The exquisite sewing cap and lace blouse are more light in shape. They are matched with small skirts to show the charm of a lady and a fairy.

Creative decoration, natural and environmental protection. Natural materials, such as silk, spun silk and wool, are also used in clothing. The material does not contain too much chemical composition. Therefore, the quality of clothes made of these materials will be better. The same is true of silk fabrics. After special treatment, they feel very delicate. When the weather is cold, there is no big problem. It’s just like wearing cold winter clothes. It’s not too exaggerated to wear cool clothes.

After learning these skills, we can know the advantages and disadvantages of silk fabrics and how to purchase them through professional knowledge. So, in the end, how to maintain the silk fabric needs to learn some comprehensive skills, so that we can better protect our bodies. So what precautions should we pay attention to when purchasing the silk fabric.

lace trim

● When washing silk fabrics, be sure to bleach them in cold water. The mixture of bleach is stronger than that of conventional dyeing. Especially for fabrics containing dioxygen, especially those containing zinc oxide, the effect will be further affected. 2. When washing silk, you must bleach it with cold water. The mixture of bleach solution is stronger than that of conventional dyeing, especially for silk with low lightness, which will affect the color. 3. After bleaching, do not wring water, but plate and wash, and also pay attention to steam washing to prevent streaks after being stained with water.

How to make silk? Guerlain Xiaobian tells you what are the advantages of silk fabrics? How to clean the water stains on the silk clothes?

Label: the advantages and disadvantages of the jacket, 100% of the label on the garment, the silk of the fabric ordered, the classification of mulberry silk, the yarn of mulberry silk blended with other fibers, the classification of chemical fibers and fabrics, 1. The classification of mulberry silk and pure cotton silk. What kind of mulberry silk yarn can be woven into: piece/T, yarn: production silk/2, piece/T.

What are the types of knitted undershirts? There are many types of knitted undershirt with recycled yarn, and there are many different specifications. Dongguan Ribbon Factory uses different fabrics according to different specifications and models. Therefore, we need to use different fabrics when choosing webbing. So there are very different kinds of production. There are different kinds: A The material of high-quality Modal Jacques is softer, softer and smoother than that of Modal. However, this kind of multi-color ribbon sometimes has problems with the weft yarn, and the tension of the weft yarn cannot exceed the tension of the weft yarn. The tension of this kind of multi-color ribbon is inaccurate.


The so-called yarn count is the count of cotton yarn. The yarn count is the most basic unit of finished cloth. The number of yarn counts is inversely proportional to its thickness. The larger the number is, the thinner the yarn will be, and the corresponding requirements for the quality of raw materials will be higher.

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