How to add lace decoration to the fabric

If you put it on a dress or skirt, everyone will talk about it. How to add lace decoration to the fabric.


Elastic fabrics are generally related to small, wide and large areas. It is usually used for folding to fold. It usually uses small stitches or portable clamps as embellishments to achieve better results.

Long pleats are mainly used for weaving and knitting these two delicate details. It can form unique yarn geometry in the knitting system through yarn and fabric to half a system. Two weaving systems with a certain yarn height and height can make the patterned fabric fuller and softer.

In terms of texture classification, there are usually two types of patterns: cotton pleated texture, color yarn modeling, mixed pattern texture and scroll knitting pleated style.

The length of colored yarn is shorter than that of fabric. It is visually like a piece of cloth, and it has a strong sense of stereoscopic visual beauty. Color yarn is currently becoming the trend of choice in vision.


The investigation of pattern patterns is accelerating the transformation of the traditional denim industry. The pattern can be used many times to change the various characteristics of the fabric and the thick texture of different textures.

The development of thick weave fabric needs pattern accounting and different pattern analysis. The definition of pattern mainly includes texture feature, texture feature, pattern feature, appearance feature and color feature. Color characteristics, color characteristics, pattern characteristics and appearance characteristics. Because the design principles of the fabric are quite different, the microscope can be used to analyze the structure, texture quality and strength of the fabric pattern; According to the number of weft yarns, it generally includes pattern length, rib density, pit density, yarn defects, color spots and other defects. For example, reasonably select twist, fineness, weave structure and width to analyze fabric density.

● Brief introduction to the advantages of spandex fabric: the advantages and disadvantages of spandex fabric: 1. Comfortable. It has an inherent ultra-high count yarn. With comfort, it can open up about 10% – 25% spandex. The advantages of spandex fiber: 1. Good elasticity; 2. Acid, alkali and wear resistance; 3. Good elasticity; 4. The elasticity is close to wool; 5. Wear resistance; 6. Stretching and loosening are obvious, level-dyed and wrinkle-proof. There are hundreds of our products. Our hairdressing grease and hairspray after styling are easy to lose gear and fuzz; Second, we have advanced technology and advanced quality inspection software foundation, and many technical indicators such as sewing, rinsing, finishing, fabric finishing and finished products, which have developed stable quality inspection means for product production.

Audel Boutique not only has a good reputation, but also provides high-quality textile products and customized services with high quality and low price for traditional fabric enterprises.

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April 23, 2023 Company News
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