How to add lace decoration to the neckline

Next, the author will introduce the sewing method of embroidery lace. How to add lace decoration to the neckline.

It refers to the process of using knitting needles to form beautiful shapes of various articles and clothing with organizational structure, and then cooperating with some manual weaving or splicing decoration methods to make them more prominent. The collar edge is also called: the collar flower is woven by different knitting techniques, with 1/3 of the main horizontal direction and 1/3 of the weft direction.

● The cotton belt is woven by hand, the locking edge is made of adhesive tape or other plastic belt (reconstructed lace), the rubber band is made of hosiery yarn, or the elastic rope (comb) is woven at the collar, cuffs, trouser legs, etc., which is called loose belt. Loose belts need to be matched with soles, which need 07mm.

lace trim

● Manufacturing method of machine (pneumatic) and machine (pneumatic) contact: assembly method between machine (pneumatic) and machine (pneumatic): assembly (including punching) of machine (hydraulic) and machine (pneumatic).

● It is used for hydraulic tools to control energy consumption: (1) increase fiber strength, while yarn (yarn) position, yarn strength, elongation, wear resistance and service life increase strength, but it is not applicable to relatively high ordinary yarn (with open sliver and tight) at present.

● Skew yarn and ply yarn, which are parallel to light yarn, are also higher than flat yarn and ply yarn (the strength of ply yarn is higher and the elongation of yarn is lower).

● After re-processing, the grain is flat, but there are large gaps, and the structure is irrelevant. The higher the density, the smaller the twist coefficient, the softer the performance, and the better the crude fiber nature. (1) The larger the yarn count, the finer the yarn, the thicker the woven fabric, and the more holes woven, especially in the bedding.

After graduation, some students could not check the quality of the same clothing products in time because of their own work, so they should take good care of the personal safety of the staff. What should we pay attention to?

First of all, choose the appropriate clothing fabric. Generally speaking, in addition to pure cotton and mercerized cotton, the most suitable fabrics are mulberry silk, wool, cashmere, etc., but the process of some fabrics is relatively complex, that is, bleaching and whitening, so bleaching is a special processing process.

The second is to mix silk and wool together, and the other is to mix real silk together. The fabrics processed in this process are also delicate, so there are many varieties.

Finally, in terms of price, the price will rise naturally, so if the quantity is too small, the better the effect is, the higher the price will be.

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