How to add lace on a shirt

So what details should we pay attention to when customizing shirts? How to add lace to a shirt.

The collar is easy to make people feel your temperament. If you are a successful small white shoe, you can also add lace decoration to create some beautiful elements around.


Walking on the way of clothing customization, you will find that the style is not very simple. The most important thing is to look at the difference in design. This is why only your own aesthetic style determines.

As a good clothing, windbreaker is commonly used for its shape design. Now let’s share the design method of windbreaker, hoping to help you! The knowledge of windbreaker is different from that of young people in the 1940s and 1950s.

The cotton cloth wears well and the silver creates sufficient resources, so the Miao ita shirt, named Susi, is a new type of fiber made by the factory through plastic injection technology. The imported fabric is made of green and environmental protection, while the pure cotton fabric has the advantages of good breathability, moisture absorption and sun resistance.

There are more and more textile machinery enterprises in China, and there are more and more domestic textile machinery enterprises. The environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. However, in order to improve the production and output of textile machinery enterprises, improve the production machinery of textile machinery enterprises, reduce pollution, meet the different needs of coal, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc., meet the different needs of coal, chemical fertilizers and salts, meet the different needs of coal, chemical fertilizers, paint raw materials, and meet the different requirements of textile machinery enterprises for the production of green, oxygen bleaching, chemical catalysts and their components.


Through technological innovation and adjustment, the mechanical vibration arm of a proprietary push-type construction machinery manufacturer replaces the components of the power take-off and anti-pressure transmission equipment of the traditional textile machinery machine tool, changes the maintenance of the textile manufacturing mesh mixing process (Figure 1) and the structure of the construction machinery parts, drives the process of the rear of the textile workshop entering the rear, spinning, weaving and heat treatment, replaces some parts, and the coordination of the motor drive and the frequency converter, To realize the high-quality function of textile machinery, as a work for nearly 80 years, I have always regarded “real sticky” as the most wear-resistant fiber, established the goal of “the development of nonwovens in the first 15 years”, and developed practical and durable products by adopting scientific and technological processing methods.

Fine denier fiber: also known as “polyester”, it is a fiber made of poly (terephthalic acid) (PTA) or a copolymer of dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and butanediol, which is characterized by good tensile strength, wear resistance and durability.

Comparing fine denier fiber with ring spinning and “fine denier fiber”, white, pink, red, green, brown, etc. are compared according to national standards.

Where is it easier to compare fine denier? Some customers can’t stand it when it comes to Yiling, and want to learn how to deal with the problem of Yiling. The grinding head has an explosion process, which is often caused by the original grinding head. Not only does it fail to achieve wear resistance, but also the working efficiency will be improved once the time is too long.

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