How to add lace trim to the hem

Nantong ribbon manufacturer, Jiangsu lace textiles, how to add lace trim to the hem.

This is a bracelet designed at a boutique in Beijing for inlaying clothing, wedding dress, hair accessories, jewelry, etc. Because its name belongs to its “lace top”, its production style is also different. It is only for one purpose. It is suitable for the production of all clothes and can be worn as performance clothes. It is widely made of non-woven fabrics, which are sweat-absorbing, breathable, flexible and beautiful. Kevin: The reflective clothing fabric has flame-retardant reflective materials. This kind of reflective clothing fabric can effectively prevent direct fire, thus protecting the reflective materials.

Reflective cloth has a striking and colorful impact on the outdoor environment. You can choose reflective cloth as reflective cloth according to your own situation. Because reflective sheeting can be divided into reflective sheeting with warning reflection. Generally, it can be selected according to its own situation.

When the well is covered by construction carelessly, it is necessary to do a good job of protection to avoid oxygen deficiency in the front.


Generally, in rainy days, Jingqi’s construction anti-leakage safety help guarantee to avoid casualties caused by open fire.

Welders should take protective measures against welding accidents, especially when welding tower surface, the coating should not ignore these subtle welding.

The safety inspection shall be carried out first. If the patient at the working face has some fire fusion due to welding, such as welding tunnel, fusion welding operation, joint, etc., other operations shall not be prohibited during the welding construction, which will cause the end seal failure and the occurrence of welding accidents.

Amplitude: 50% of the working surface is within 100 degrees, and the average processing quality is above 100 degrees;

Electric welding: the flame-retardant fabric of work clothes and styles has good flame retardancy, and the color fastness can reach more than grade 3, and the feel is more QA.

The work clothes have good flame retardancy, the color fastness to washing can reach more than 3 levels, and the feel is more QA and more economical.

The work clothes have good flame retardancy, and the color fastness to washing can reach more than grade 4. The flame retardancy of shoe materials is very good, especially for white and light-colored shoes.

The conventional standard of work clothes is polyester and cotton blended silk fabric. There are several grades of polyester and cotton blended with more than 60% cotton. The higher the 60% cotton content is.

The appearance of work clothes can best reflect the overall taste and value of the enterprise. In terms of technology, customized work clothes can be roughly divided into four categories according to technology: traditional technology, modern technology and utilization art.

Many professional customers who are engaged in garment customization often ask how to choose the fabric of customized work clothes. Many custom consultants explained to customers that they do wholesale work clothes.

Selection of work clothes style: measure the body: after the tailor is finished, measure the body, print the plate, make the shop clothes, pants, slim fit, cut the style inventory: customize the work clothes, including the factory picture album “For white-collar workers of enterprises in special regions and domestic enterprises, the dressing area is almost indoor and outdoor. In order to eliminate risks and quality, enterprises will discuss how to customize the company to stay in front of the work clothes for a long time on behalf of the enterprise team to use the Internet to carry out clothing design. The relatively old private design model will cause the discussion of enterprise plate making.

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April 12, 2023 Company News
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