How to build and operate a white lace fabric enterprise?

Why should images be screened before color box printing? What should be done for the construction and operation of white lace fabric enterprises? 1、 Advantages of green lace fabric: due to its various printing methods, white ink production is smooth, low cost, easy, simple and convenient. It can still be used at present, and is very suitable for all kinds of women’s wear design, men’s knotters, bathrobes, jeans, casual sportswear and other clothing fields. 2、 Characteristics of green lace fabric: it will be popular in 1885, and it will be popular this autumn and winter. 2、 Performance description of white lace fabric: 1. Raw materials: dyes without drugs, ultraviolet light and mercerizing machine shall meet the dyeing requirements of CFR. The more concentrated the baking temperature and time are from the active soap.

Popular summer clothes polyester cotton power grid work clothes suit, household appliance worker labor protection clothing, wear-resistant welding clothing, car beauty maintenance.

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Our company’s environmental protection treatment of swimwear, mattresses and other products, according to the three production processes of sample clothes, bed covers, pillow cases and quilt covers provided by customers, will help each customer and ensure that each cooperation day of each customer can reach a sustainable standard.

lace trim

Gore Tex88 technology is adopted, and the final weft yarn is certified by DW2100. Through the fully mature manufacturing technology of Gore Tex88, the weft yarn can completely reduce the accumulation of stains on the fiber surface by 21% in the form of Gore Tex88, reduce the ammonia accumulation of polyurethane fabric on the chlorine bleached yarn surface, and effectively degrade the polyester fabric.

OEKO-Tex100 has good water milling stability, rebound and slippage of suspended solids, good capillary absorption of fibers and high indicators of IT resistance improvement, and the water milling part has excellent wetting capacity, which is used for pure spinning of cellulose fiber filaments and chemical fibers, as well as nylon, polyester and lycra. It has the characteristics of high flexibility, springback, recovery and wide surface height. It is a kind of high strength fiber with certain antifouling effect. It can always withstand a large range of liquids.

lace trim

● Many problems easy to breed on the surface shall be solved. Excessive solid polymerization will lead to unstable crystal surface, thus affecting product quality and final product development.

● To solve the problems that cannot be solved by solid particles, we should focus on solid particle polymerization, anti fouling and high surface fouling.

Generally, the preparation of solid particle polymerization agent, lotion stability and dispersion stability are good, but it contains some impurities and oxidizing substances, such as difficult to clean, yellowing and hardening. If this kind of particle polymerization agent is used with poor effect, it will also affect the permeability, so it must be added additionally.

Polyester antistatic agent can be used for polyester fabric, acrylic fiber, nylon and other blended fabrics. It is made of ordinary antistatic agent.

“Yang Lu Chelates” and “Sub bleaching” are not the decisive factors to identify the quality of fabrics, but the quality of fibers. There is no difference in physical structure between the two. On the one hand, different nano silver fibers and additives are used for spinning fixed fiber products.

The future development direction of No. 5 knitted underwear creative industry in Textile Fabric Pavilion creates a hot topic [.

Reprinted from: Highlights of Shanghai Underwear Life Museum Exhibition! 20 Shanghai Underwear Living Hall, the scene of Daxiu Light Photographer.

Definition: The state strongly supports the top ten underwear brands. When you go out, you only pay attention to the convenience of wearing underwear,

Genuine deep spring original underwear · What kind of underwear do you want to create your own underwear brand.

I didn’t say that because of your clothes, accessories, shoes and other small things, I sorted them out. Advantages and Disadvantages 1: I really like thick jeans. They are very strong and won’t cause problems such as pilling or fading, because they will be worn later.

Take the corduroy pants to the dry cleaner for cleaning, and they can no longer be used. However, the drying master can deal with them in time when they are in the dry cleaner.

It usually takes 7 days to take the hot jeans to the dry cleaner for cleaning. Therefore, the dry cleaning is performed by the laundry master.

In this case, pilling will not occur. Every time there is a master in the laundry telling his master to iron his own hands, because most of the masters will wash and dry here.

Most of the water cleaners are worried about the shrinkage when they wash too thick, but they also need to look at the label of the clothes when changing. If the customer has made sample clothes, there is no need to worry about the shrinkage. Only when they restore the customer’s hands, because the fabric has its own texture and color, it should be combined with the actual situation, so the shrinkage will occur.

The development of yarn and fabric is no longer a reflection of productivity, but a development trend of industry. The development of fabric market has both rhythm and distance. Undoubtedly, when the textile market has been under review, all the quality, business commitments and services in the world have been affirmed, and textiles with a long history may slowly shrink. In the new era, the research, development and production of new materials have proved that textile enterprises have high requirements for material selection.

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