How to color lace fabric

This Italian silk satin fabric has an elegant white color. It is thin and light, with a good sense of sag. How to color lace fabric.

Silk satin fabric is a kind of traditional silk fabric. The raw material is polyester fiber and the appearance is white. It is divided into fine and straight silk or cotton fibers. There are thin wrinkles on the surface of silk clothes, which are soft and thin. Grasp the cloth tightly with your hands and make progress along the grain. However, careful inspection can show that it is a very detailed crease and is not easy to pilling. Silk clothes are easy to pilling and shrink, but once prevented, it is easy to cause pilling.

The worsted woolen fabrics also include: Paris, Hafure, breeches, Malden, flannel, Malden, women’s wool, bamboo wool and cashmere.

lace trim

The carding process in China is completed by the mechanical processing of ten thousand spindles, and the detailed production steps are controlled by the staff of each workshop. Each machine can meet different production needs. Just as Zhengzhou’s clothing and wool textile industry has a view on the design of the advantages of the machine model, for example, because it has certain requirements, the wool textile industry is developing and expanding, while its sales are not getting better and better, and it is improving constantly, and thousands will be growing. The partners in the clothing and wool textile industry are workers of various social production manufacturers, who have gained loyal privileges in the market, and also share their professional knowledge with the practitioners in the wool textile industry. Therefore, many insiders are also partners in the wool textile industry. They believe that wool textile and wool textile can not always be conservative and need to change resources. The cooperation between wool textile industry partners and wool textile enterprises is a very good choice. The cooperation relationship between wool textile and wool textile industry professionals is quite large. Their sales to the bosses of various industries and wool textile bosses through cooperation is almost normal, but their cooperation is hesitant, providing enough energy for wool textile, and laying a good foundation for the rapid development of the wool textile industry, At the same time, they choose customized clothing, from variety, fabric, style to design, which are all completed by professional experts in the industry. A person’s professional level, work efficiency, budget control frequency, the planning of person-to-price ratio, and so on, are only waiting for spring and summer to make us provide you with a satisfied and comfortable feeling.

The quality of the fabric is also related to the fabric when the work clothes are ordered. Generally, the fabric of the work clothes is not the same. Some fabrics do not feel particularly smooth and have shrinkage phenomenon. The thickness of the fabric should not be too worried about. When the work clothes are ordered, you can see from the button that the board shape of the work clothes is general. The Shenzhen suit manufacturer waited patiently to meet the requirements of hours and years ago, and officially ordered the suit.

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