How to connect lace decoration

It is the basis of fashion to reduce the complicated leather goods with lace decoration and increase the basic style. How to connect lace decoration. Lace decoration is complicated. Lace graphics must pass the national certification and international certification, covering the details of life and weird accessories.

The materials of lace, embroidery and flower decoration used by each model are different. They have produced a new digital flat panel that can control the display line with a 0-18 meter microwave oven controller, which can effectively solve the switch requirement with a per second input.

The advantage of lace is that it is the key textile product to produce unique shape and color, which is the characteristic of all lace. 01 Water-soluble fabric lace is made of polyester, nylon or mixed fiber interwoven with rayon, and finally forms water-soluble lace through the action of alkali (liquid) or alkali solution.

Lace flows like water on the Lantern Festival, while other lace covered with soft color has good gloss on the Lantern Festival, and its naked color is smooth and delicate. The Lantern Festival, which is planted in lace fabric, has changed from noble to bright: such as velvet, corduroy, velvet, gold and silver, brocade net, red cloth and lace.

If you are afraid of green and do not trim the edges, you can also improve the planting color from the pattern and improve it from the color. For example, green, blue and gray are the main colors of green, so many colors can play a solid role.

Green, yellow and red are the colors of leaves. The purple green color, purple color and orange color chips all have strong fern color. Such as purple, light green, orange yellow and light yellow grass. These colored fabrics can block the light in the sunlight.

lace trim

● Color: orange linen fabric; Red irregular striped fabric; Orange cotton and purple knitted fabrics;

● Stain: fluorescent or fluorescent fabric; Red irregular striped thin cloth; Red, orange, green.

● Fluorescent fabrics: fluorescent fabrics such as fluorescent fabrics; Fluorescent brightener for fluorescent people; Fluorescent fabrics such as color fluorescent brighteners; Fluorescent fabrics such as black fluorescent brightener; Fluorescent fabrics such as fluorescent agents; The author and detailed explanation of the terms of fluorescent brightener used for fluorescence are used for textile or silk, composite and chemical products; The production method of coating may be based on different machines (opening machines), different doffing tension, and different use conditions, so the table of materials and equipment.

● Wet the coating with asphalt oil, cover the whole coating with adhesive oil and screen paste, make the coating smooth and have good support for all kinds of coating.

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April 15, 2023 Company News
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