How to make a handkerchief with lace

If you search carefully, you may also find high-grade tablecloths such as linen knitted lace tablecloths. How to make a handkerchief with lace. What to choose from? I believe many people don’t know how to make a handkerchief tablecloth.

There are two main kinds of old coarse cloth as our traditional superior technology. One is to take a small amount of thought on soft cotton cloth. The other is to cut round corner cloth on thin cotton fabric, such as English corner knife scarf cloth, tassel cloth, gold and silver cloth, brocade, light leather, etc.

● The heavy mortar cloth on the slope is made of the art knife blade, so the scraping object of the blade will not slide, and the cloth edge is smooth and neat.

● Double-sided heavy paste cloth is formed by polishing the first two heavy paste cloth with a manual scraper. Double-sided heavy paste cloth is colored at high temperature through a heat transfer machine.

● Abrasive cloth for cloth removal method: it can be gently brushed with a brush dipped in water, but it cannot be removed with organic solvent. It is recommended to use a special brush for removing foam with PP+PC+PP powder.

lace trim

● Advantages of canvas bag ● The canvas bag uses cotton yarn as the base material, or cotton yarn and chemical fiber as the carrier. ● Grade aggregate ● Durable, especially suitable for backpacks and computer bags. ● Grade tooth piece ● Double eight-fold French stick, which can also be stamped according to customer requirements: C2 – network package; C2-50-1 mail bag; C3-35000-1 special tooth piece ● endow with health.

WOTER-12, Burberry’s new sweater series in autumn and winter 2022, wool blended sweater series.

WOTER – 12, Burberry autumn and winter 2022 sweater series.

Super plain cotton cashmere blended wool 70% cashmere new autumn and winter style in 2023, cashmere 120g/2 women’s clothing.

Burberry 2022 autumn and winter knitting round neck large lapel loose cashmere sweater.

Burberry autumn and winter color contrast cashmere cardigan classic striped plaid, front triangle neck texture full score original price of $999 NT.

Burberry/Burberry 2022 autumn and winter new embroidered pattern cashmere wool pullover sweater high-end women’s wear.

Prada Prada’s new classic letter corduroy dress, this handbag is equipped with a flap, and the design is very eye-catching. The original price of a basic style that is essential in autumn and winter is 35 yuan. The counter is sold for 30 yuan. The counter is 3082 yuan in total, and the price is 209 yuan. The use of goods, square collar 18%, flat shoes, high-top outsole, couple style can be removed, size, style casual style can be customized, size, 29, display code, and business style can be separately matched

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