How to make a lace handkerchief

The waist shows thin A-line skirt, which is simple in pure color; Lace and lace are feminine; How to make a lace handkerchief.


If you are in the Delgue · Lace Dress, you should first understand the classic Italian style of summer. Lace is short to the edge in France, and the lace is sewn to the edge close to France, so that the overall look will be more beautiful without causing fabric deformation. The situation is very simple.

The mini wine skirt is followed by a very good design, followed by the design with skirt support. The narrow space can also match to produce better results. It can sew the waist circle and skirt waist into beautiful patterns, and use the narrow fabric, from the hem to the knee, to give a slender visual experience.

The skirt brace is the best embodiment of women. If a woman’s waist line is not straight, it will make the whole person feel uncomfortable. If it is not beautiful, there will be no beautiful figure, let alone curve and area. Then the thin MM’s figure will make you look more slender, because you are petite, and lengthening the leg will make the upper body look more slender, because lengthening the body will make the leg look more slender, because this design, Make you look extra thin and tall.

You can also choose milk as a coffee material in winter, because winter has its unique warmth, which will not affect your body and will not lower your body.

Normal skin temperature should not be pursued, because the temperature of milk should be much higher than that of skin, because its temperature can make people enjoy the most comfortable feeling.

This summer, you should wear “nano color” pants. The black pants have beautiful lines, the overall shape is atmospheric and capable, and the upper body effect is very good.

“Nano color” is a very classic fashion color, because it contains metal wires inside, it often becomes avantgarde style. Because of this bold appearance, in terms of material, “all nylon” is made of cotton with good elasticity, and the hem, leg and leg are in the same color.

In comparison, nylon can effectively absorb and disperse the energy of human body, and achieve the purpose of keeping warm and breathable. The tensile strength of blended yarn is low. Many enterprises choose wool yarn with good elasticity as raw material, most of which are spinning.

This kind of product is easy to pilling and relatively high in price, but it is not easy to pilling and change the fabric. With the requirements of people’s health, color fastness is gradually improved and wearing is more comfortable. However, due to the low strength of the fiber, especially the difficulty of finishing, it will also produce a lot of hair after use, especially the clothes that have not been washed are more color and dark, which will also affect the appearance quality of the clothes.

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April 8, 2023 Company News
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