How to make a veil with lace trimming

The price is also different. Take lace lace as an example. The main raw material of lace is cotton yarn. How to use lace to make a veil. Because the lace is all made of tubular materials, it gives people a capillary.

The five-point pilates with one meter of flower have excellent touch, exquisite, soft touch and excellent gloss. In addition, the simple extension of a single graphic can highlight the finished clothing design.

Each color has different properties, and the determination of yarn count density is a key factor in the design of many high-end women’s clothing fabrics. The design, texture, visual effect and hand feel of designers who try to develop unique and fashionable yarn, of course, these yarn counts can determine whether designers can develop suitable and distinctive new style products.

The plain plaid fabric is still an irreplaceable fashion element today. Almost every year, the plaid fabric will become the target of fashion renovation. Replacing fabrics of different materials and matching the plaid elements will always have many unexpected gains.

No inspiration for design? Come and have a look at Yuming Textile! The new gilded plaid fabric 892 is simple and stylish, soft and durable, and has good breathability. It can be worn at any time in summer.

Stamping fabric: The bronzing and embossing process on the surface of the fabric is very exquisite. When customizing clothes, people need to consider not only the choice of fabric, but also the texture of clothes. If the texture is poor, then the quality is poor. For example, when we are producing clothes, the fabric of a suit of clothes is about to be made.

Composite fabric “title=” Foshan composite fabric “>National top ten composite fabrics>.

Composite fabric is a new type of material made by bonding one or more layers of textile materials, non-woven materials and other functional materials. Suitable for sofa, clothing and other textiles.

Composite fabric is a new type of textile fabric, also known as “fashion fabric”. In fact, it does not only refer to composite fabric, but refers to the difference between a functional and functional way of fabric.

lace trim

Woven fabric: Woven fabric is different from knitted fabric due to different raw materials and grey fabric quality.


Clothing: According to the requirements of clothing design, combined with the requirements of fashion design, combined with their own style, create different patterns.

Woven fabric: Due to different raw materials and grey fabric quality, different materials and components are required, which must be combined with warp and weft yarn density, weaving method and finishing process after dyeing and finishing. After cutting, it is required to have clear lines, exquisite surface, strong three-dimensional sense and rich texture. The high count and high density jacquard fabric and imported looms are used for precision processing, and after ordering and dyeing, they are subject to strict QC inspection. With internationally advanced technology and a strong production team, they can quickly deliver products to customers. According to the customer development of jacquard fabrics, the commonly used jacquard fabrics are based on the organization of weaving jacquard fabrics on the jacquard machine, imported mechanical equipment and the main jacquard loom, to ensure the stability, firmness, non-discoloration, non-discoloration and non-discoloration of the jacquard fabrics.

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