How to make lace fabric

What can garment scraps do? Some people use it as a “green handkerchief”. How is the lace fabric made. It can be used as cloth. The vvc fabric is the place where the lining and the door lining overlap each other, so some people use it as a “green handkerchief”. Vvc has different thickness and width, and I think it is thin and tangible. This is why many women want to use it. Because its feel is not as good as vvc fabric.


Label: plegas pldf cl is ordinary and unique! Fabric – like silk, light and smooth. Fabric – giving a light and elegant feeling fabric – like silk, light and smooth. Exquisite texture, plain satin fabric – natural transition details, plain twill fabric – natural transition details, double-sided twill fabric – natural transition details, multi-leg plain fabric – natural transition details, multi-core serge feeling fabric – natural transition details Tear-resistant fabric – pure color twill Tiansi cotton/Changshu cotton/market cotton/wool/TR/hemp/linen cotton/Modal/gold and silver/chemical fiber/combed cotton/pure cotton/Odel/knitted tencel/copper ammonia/Modal blend/thermal cotton cloth/twill/money silk cotton plain/money silk cotton stretcher plain/money silk cotton Roman cloth/cotton polyester blend/double-sided twill/money silk cotton jacquard striped fabric/printed fabric/yarn-dyed fabric/breathable cotton/tencel/cotton/hemp cotton fleece/thermal underwear cotton sportswear/ Sports pants/casual shoes, etc.

● 11A CVC casual T-shirt fabric 32S combed cotton rayon plain 160G jersey thickened warm T-shirt knitted fabric women’s lace wholesale in Shenzhen.

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