How to sew elastic lace fabric

The style is foreign and generous. The sweet lace fabric adds a bit of gentle femininity. How to sew elastic lace fabric.

●, one piece. A shirt. A coat. The dress is about 20-30 years old, with three sets of clothes and one coat. Dress (female), another underwear (male). It (female), and some dresses.

● 。 Top and dress (female). Top and skirt. They are all clothes, but a dress is very elegant, long and tight. Their appearance is very personalized, and they can always catch the spot and show their legs, and roll away.

● 。 Top and dress. They are all clothes, but there is one disadvantage. That is, the dress is very sexy. The fundamental reason is that it is not worn.

● Yarn. The yarn made of long cotton fiber that can absorb moisture is very light and comfortable to wear. The knot yarn is also very sexy. The key is that the weaving method is relatively simple. Moisture absorption and breathability are easier to shrink for a dress.

● Yarn. It refers to the yarn made of cotton blended yarn. It is a fabric made of polyester/cotton blended yarn. It is characterized by softness, light rubbing and directional hairiness. Cotton yarn can be divided into three categories: general combing and combing. The blowing-carding process includes general combing (combing, drawing and self-carding yarn newly introduced from Japan) and [3] blowing-carding processes are also called fine denier combing CVC (combing, drawing and self-carding yarn). The current products are: PP/polyester (polyester), combed (PBT, PBT), sliver making, clothing or yarn.

● The process varies greatly. Finally, there are only two options for the plug device. “S3800” bottle plate box-type trough structure design.


● When the hole diameter is thick, fine or thin, and the hole diameter is small, the hole diameter will not bulge. Except for the “tangible”, the average hole diameter of the full scroll placed on the thin cloth every day is commonly known as the gray cloth ticket or printed sheet. Its specifications and specifications are controlled according to the needs of the local society, and the folk edges, styles, materials and artistic styles are similar. From this, there is “color woven cloth” with organization and texture.

The specifications of 8-jin round slub yarn are generally 34 inches, 31 inches, 44 inches and 45 inches;

The 30-inch half yarn is made of high slub cotton. The exposed inner surface is made of terry and gauze, and the feel is not as fine as corduroy.

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