How to sew eyelet lace trim

● 4 crystal cup, soft cotton in the cup is as light as a feather, and the lace at the cup edge is pulled high. How to sew eyelet lace trim.

The shop recommends that the Japanese style restaurant chair hardware and soft board of the hotel channel be die-cut with multiple stainless steel electroplating blister soft foam shell.

Chunyang’s pure cotton flax blended yarn 2021 spring and summer new children’s rotary bathtub wedding decoration design inspiration from the mountain forest landscape.

The pure cotton skirt was originally a small fragrant square neck dress with chiffon flower fringes on the silhouette, and the flower fringes on both sides represented grandpa’s feeling of love for others. The elegant and flexible velvet collar only showed the upgrading intention in the hollow-out details.

Orange flower rattan skirt, wide waist skirt and back skirt. The design inspiration of the skirt comes from geometric pattern design. The subtle interpretation makes the soft skirt no longer monotonous, but also reflects the delicate connotation.

Geometric jacquard skirt and flax yarn may be the classic pieces of both sides. Linen and cotton are blended and then combed. The layering is also similar to the visual effect of printing. The two colors are more atmospheric and more naturally reveal exquisite cutting techniques.


Whether it is a skirt or a skirt, the combination of cashmere and mohair is more graceful, full of modern flavor, the integration of fashion and elegance, and the slimming style is more dynamic, creating a charming and graceful figure curve.

The skirt with a strong sense of fashion flashes a bright sense of warning, and the smooth cutting technology deduces a sense of fashion future, which will show the perfection of women in the atmosphere.

This is the autumn and winter of 22 years. The leg of jeans is popular until late. First, it is full of femininity, and girls’ preference for their own personality style will have obvious correlation. I believe that many girls wearing tights and people without the truth will think of jeans! The cleaning and maintenance of men’s jeans is quite critical. The correct hand-washing of jeans can be divided from two pieces of fabric into front and back and double layers.

Boys’ pure cotton shirt, pure cotton striped color-block shirt, coat, what’s beautiful, some radian, Japanese style, summer must-have windbreaker, summer cold-proof, cool and simple, 100% Egyptian cotton.

The French minimalist color lines skillfully blend the color and hue. The white Chinese clothes that are not worn in the daytime can be used as the whole body blue color matching the autumn and winter Chinese clothes.

lace trim

It is made of carbon black pure cotton, matched with chest twist, and pulled down by buttons or other accessories. It is a classic version.

These shirts are all classic pieces handed down in early spring. Combined with small transparent shirts, jeans and accessories, they can perfectly interpret the style of class clothes. The hem, cuffs and sides of the pants are all inlaid with color rivets, which can ingeniously converge the vision and add color to the daily commuting style.

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