How to sew lace at the neckline

The cuffs are usually tied with lace to make the flared sleeves naturally pleated. Lace is used at the cuffs. How to sew lace at the neckline. The knitting design forms the French hemlock crochet method, which makes the trumpet pattern crochet craft highlight the retro style.

For the main purpose of making thin sportswear, it is necessary to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with the fashion United States or Japan and produce technology. In order to ensure the functionality of thin sportswear, according to the national standards of Japan and the national standard sketch, we have launched more strict and technical mesh sportswear.

● Woven cushion: the quality of the cushion is not in place, the cover is too tight, the extension is not clean, and the connecting bolts are loose, so that the original folded flat fabric will accelerate the muscle rest and pressure of the cushion in the case of folding and relaxation, optimize the folding degree of the fabric, restore the feel of the fabric, and make the surface material more extended.

● Flat pocket: use_ Flat pocket card pocket, card pocket size ($440) ×$ two thousand × Just put it into a suit bag or lapel suit and it can be restored as new.

● Pocket: use_ The V-shaped pocket and zipper are pendulous. The upper sling ring of the front pocket and the bottom elastic belt are all made of the lace sling.

● Crotch: used_ The stitches are stitched (hemmed and unstitched) or sewn on the bottom cloth of the yoke, then nailed on the curved arm, and then buckled continuously. The elastic bud material at the back end is sewed again. The stitches at the place of the hook are strictly pulled and pasted. This is the index to judge the stitch length.

● Wool fabric (double wool) and flannelette (wool fabric), wool-like fabric, wool-like fabric, silk fabric and flannelette, etc;

Seiko weaving, heat resistance, light resistance and alkali resistance; More feathers, soft luster, good permeability, soft luster, strong moisture absorption; Anti-pilling, matt, mildew-proof, anti-ultraviolet; Wear-resistant, nail round, moderate twist.

lace trim

In the field of household textiles, the density of worsted fabrics is uniform, and the characteristics determine the quality, while the linear density of compact spinning is uniform, and the characteristics determine the fate.

Seiko fabrics have smooth and waxy feel, high strength, wear resistance, nail resistance, smoothness, crisp and dry feel, and good fabric drapability. They are suitable for pretreatment of various fabrics.

The worsted fabric has soft texture, good elasticity, wear resistance, light resistance, good color fastness, friction resistance, and good dye transfer property, which can well win the unanimous praise of clothing brands.

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