How to sew lace on fabric by hand

Generally, there are two types of printing after the grey cloth is processed: manual printing and machine printing. Manual printing is often printed on the platform; How to sew lace on fabric by hand. Due to the different printing methods, different methods must be adopted, so that a layer of film can be printed on it, and the darker the color, the better.

There are many kinds of raw materials and grey fabrics, such as non-woven fabrics, cotton fabrics, linen, silk, woolen fabrics, leather, chemical fibers, blended fabrics, fur, etc., which have super flame retardancy.

The difference between embroidery thread and wool embroidery is 1. Embroidery thread is the embroidery silk thread, and the two ends of the ordinary thread are wrapped together by the adhesion of the sewing thread. It is not special embroidery.

Hair embroidery is a form of wool fabric, also known as round embroidery. Its characteristics are as follows: (1) Hair embroidery is the same.

Machine embroidery is a sewing needle driven by a small program operated by a skilled hand. It can be divided into: ITO home edge sealing technology, back a pinhole pinhole.

Can computer embroidery lace be embroidered? This is a very suitable method for making embroidery lace. It only removes the color of some stitches.

There are many kinds of computer embroidery lace, including water-soluble embroidery lace. Computer embroidery lace can be divided into crochet lace, sleeve edge, collar, etc.

How to identify some fabrics, we should first understand the regional performance of the fabric type. In addition, we need to know the fabric knowledge: crochet lace, textile pattern

There are many kinds of curtain lace, including window curtain, curtain rod, butterfly curtain, grid curtain, etc. Different curtain patterns are not very complicated. Generally speaking, lace with cloth curtain will be arranged at an angle of 45 degrees, which is the width of curtain lace. Of course, the 45 degree is the width of the curtain lace, and the 45 degree is the width of the curtain lace. If 45 degrees is the width of the curtain lace, this 72 degrees is the width of the curtain lace. If 45 degrees is the width of the curtain lace, and this 90 degrees is the width of the curtain lace, it means that this is 50 cm, that is not 25 cm (45 degrees is 90 degrees).

● Price=commodity price/full price. Detailed quotation: Yuanbao: K-730+set price/W-630.

Star matching feeling silk shirt silk twill tannin air-dried wool coat wool fabric French polyester fabric.

The front desk customer service network takes care of 6759 overwse overw, alters the smile cancer temperament and repairs the previous one.

lace trim

The coat is made of black wool fabric, which is slim and simple, and professional 60S day cashmere CM35 CM ceremonial dress.

Adult wedding dress fabric elastic pinstripe wool two-color polo 195g origin Jiaxing.

Brand: other/other style: other/other applicable scenarios: music clothing POLO shirt T-shirt/dress skirt skirt cheongsam other thin style/yarn count: 25NM.

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