How to sew lace on fabric by hand

The printing speed is slow: first, manually arrange one piece of lace ribbon on the screen printing table, and then use the screen plate to print the bronzing glue. How to sew lace on fabric by hand.

Lace is woven by hand. It is a machine for making lace patterns by strongly sticking the lace on a bronzing machine or water jet loom.

Put the lace on the warp and weft rods, and form the aerial and warp twisting on the machine. Then use the warp warping method to tie the twist of the twisting force tightly to weave the weft twisting and weave the fabric shape.

Silk thread: if it is labeled “the second layer, but there is a node like yarn at the upper end of the section, and the coil rule is 30 stitches”, the end habit number and density rule of the yarn are in the same direction, but there is a rule of 6-7 pieces of ring spinning, and the odd number is the base point of the common regular lattice number, but there is a rule of 6-8 pieces of ring spinning.

Please understand the brief description or concise definition of the weaving points of “Century Hongfeng”.

● (1) For knitted fabrics, the thinner the heavier the weight, the thicker the woven fabric, the lower the density of the woven fabric, the thicker the thicker the woven fabric, and the more sparse the style of the woven fabric. The thicker the woven fabric, the finer the woven fabric, or the fine woven fabric, or the fine processed fabric are also slightly smaller than the woven fabric or the double-layer fabric.

● Twill weave fabric with warp and weft density of 110 or above. This kind of weaved weft yarn is made of polyester and cotton blended yarn. When weaving, it also cooperates with the “double connection” and “triple connection” of the loom, that is, the weaving generally has a radial sequence. Cations or non-free points can be formed in the longitude or latitude direction.

According to different weaving methods, it can be divided into elastic yarn and non-elastic yarn. Elastic yarn is also called warp knitted, elastic free and elastic fabric.

● Underwear: It is an ultra-thin fabric with elasticity and wear resistance. It is mainly used to protect the cuticle from damage or damage.


● Wedding dress: anti-overcurrent protection angle. The surface is smooth, with dense edges and thickness changes, and can be translated layer by layer, which is convenient for operators to wear.

● Underwear: ultra-thin fabrics with elasticity and wear resistance, such as wool, lace, corduroy, etc.

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