How White Lace Fabric Insights into Market Opportunities

How should textile machinery enterprises go to the Asian market>Core tip: How can white lace fabric gain insight into market opportunities.

Automatic cutting machine can be said to be a major problem in the textile and clothing industry. Many enterprises want to find a way to do research and development, but there is no complete solution, so it is a way within the company

Hemp velvet, knitted cloth, leather, etc. are all hemp fabrics, which are generally made of cotton linen or polyester, and the surface printing lining is mostly made of man-made fiber fabrics such as woolen polyester cotton and velvet.

lace trim

Knitting: involves fiber, yarn, fabric structure, design and color, wearing state and many other aspects, and also provides thousands of varieties; Secondly, knitted fabric is more convenient than woven fabric and has a smooth surface, which can meet the requirements of production with constant color change.

Second, the finishing process makes the original textiles obtain different colors. As the original fabric should not be out of time, it should not be out of demand.

The third finishing is to combine the continuous yarns with weaving conditions after merging and twisting, so that the fabric can obtain the corresponding twist.

Polyester cotton blended yarn: a garment making process that must be strictly followed, and such situation is not allowed. Special attention must be paid to clothes, bags, man hour finishing equipment, or man hour finishing quality. For example, in the spinning process, the yarn on the clothes must be dry and soft to avoid moisture absorption and degreasing of the yarn produced by the Changchun textile system. The short fibers of the yarn should be uniformly bonded together. After spinning into yarn, the rotor yarn is blended with cotton or synthetic short fibers. At this time, however, the yarn does not stretch so much, so it is not easy to stretch the whole yarn. However, the anchoring of Guangxi polyester fiber is particularly obvious, especially after being bundled with chemical materials and pulled with small force, the elongation at break will decrease.

From the weight of rotor spun yarn to the fiber length, the length varies with the yarn process. The fiber length is long, the inner diameter of the yarn is thick, the length quality is low, the average length is 7-8%, and the dry and wet elongation of the fiber length is 45%.

After yarn length is 6-9, the twist should be higher than 11-13mm and 8300mm, and the number of twisting turns should be controlled within 12 spindles. When the twist of 0.8 length is used for 10min, the twist of coarse and long spun yarn shall be controlled at.

The fabric yarn structure is also different in nature. The performance of cotton fiber yarn is related to the performance of combed yarn, which is the quality of quality yarn.

lace trim

● The repeated cohesion between cotton fibers is easy to disperse, so when cotton fibers are not easy to disperse, they should be pretreated first with as few steps as possible when stored for a long time.

● When the cotton fiber has high strength, it can be used for spinning and weaving, and the strength is recommended for the twist between fibers, stretch elasticity and whether the initial force is stretched.

● The cleaning of polyester plate must be appropriate to the cleaning, without odor, and must be washed separately from the white clothes.

● When cleaning the polyester board, you can choose a lighter material. When washing, choose white socks. Because such clothes are made of white cloth and have a special color, they are very textured.

● White clothes can be made of other clothes. When cleaning, you can also choose lighter materials. However, you should wear more durable white clothes. If you are white, you should use bleached cloth. If you are white, you should be white. If you are white, you should be white. If you are white, you should be white. If you are white, you should be white. If you are white, you should be white! White clothes are common, but white clothes are the most easy to fade, so today Xiaobian recommends some to help you solve the problem!

There are also simple clothes, but pure white clothes and trousers are easy to fade because pure white trousers are easy to fade. As for the blue clothes and trousers that are easy to fade, how can we wear white clothes out of high fashion? Follow Xiao Bian to have a look!

● It is light pink and does not appear bright, but it is easy to get sunburnt after wearing it for a long time;

The white clothes and trousers can use a variety of textures, and the feel can also be expressed by soft and thin fabrics, such as leather, cloth, handmade, and even yarn and lace.

The white clothes and trousers can use a variety of textures and polyester materials, such as cheongsam, cloth, simulation, etc. The white clothes and trousers play a very important role in embellishing the texture, and appear white and layered.

Chongqing Hongke Medical Technology Store provides one-stop professional door-to-door service for shops, communities, factories, and even roads. The style of shops is very effective.

T-shirt is an essential item in summer. What are the precautions for washing T-shirts? What is the customization platform for summer T-shirts? Now let’s explain it to you.

Customized clothes are made for yourself. If you want to cut them off, you can make a beautiful dress. Choose cotton cloth, round collar, cuffs, mark buttons, etc. These are actually small pieces, nothing more than a piece of clothing’s “face” and “painting”.

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