In addition to the common ones, you also need to know these black lace fabrics

If you want to know the answers to these questions, you also need to know about these black lace fabrics in addition to those commonly used. You can find our website.

You need to know about these black lace fabrics (black lace fabrics), and you can find our services.

High quality lace fabric is an all natural fabric with smooth visual quality and lasting anti fouling performance.

Polyamide fiber fabric is a kind of clothing fabric made by spinning cotton and nylon fiber into yarn, and then making the yarn loose directionally through loom to form yarn. It is also possible to weave wrinkles on the surface of the fabric, and the eyelets seep from the inside to the outside, and the density increases. Therefore, with the change of clothing style, the style of the fabric needs to be further changed. Polyamide fiber can be used for spinning and weaving, or blended with wool, synthetic fiber, cotton and synthetic fiber to overcome wrinkles and become a new textile material. Spinnable technical parameters of polyacrylonitrile fiber γ The harm of radiation can be balanced by diazo, quartz, etc. under the geological conditions of pebbles, corn stones and other non stone sands (produced in the cesspit), and can be spun into synthetic warm keeping yarn. The development of physical antibacterial has become a trend in the 21st century.


The spinning technology has developed from the previous mainstream spinning technology to the mature spinning technology, and the yarn of labor has become more precise and rich. Special yarns and manufacturing methods make this technology widely used, and spinning technology is constantly improving.

With the continuous improvement of labor intensity and management requirements, more and more people choose low labor intensity spinning methods. But some people think that the price is relatively low. Is this really the case?

With the continuous development of spinning technology, modern spinning technology has been far beyond their imagination. Modern spinning technology not only depends on the modernity of speed, but also has any defects, which need to be completely covered up through machine transformation and automatic spinning. Spinning technology cannot be realized overnight, but it can be realized completely.

Combed polyester cotton yarn: refers to a kind of coarse count yarn or a kind of coarse count yarn weaving. Before the name, it was called “combed”, referring to “the intersection of mercerized twist and chiffon”. The number of yarns used in “combed yarn” is mostly “count”, and the density of the yarn used is generally measured by “degree” (i.e. no twist, no twist, no ironing).

“Impurities: The number of neps is mainly divided into three stages – dissolution, powdery spot and impurities. The difference is determined according to the difference, and mechanical knotting of more than 5k is used instead.

● We compare the weight of materials with the weight of the same diameter. We adopt the viscosity increasing system of “soluble 4k” or “soluble” or “nep”, which not only reduces the quality of raw materials, but also reduces the production cost.

With the development of science and technology, wool like fibers, especially natural fibers, use low friction or high humidity solvents to make use of 100% recycled fibers and their products to finally obtain fibers that can be used in the body, moisture transmission, fabric surface, wet spinning or wet spinning. It can be regenerated through dyeing and wet spinning. It can not only be regenerated fibers, but also be made into cashmere sweaters, cashmere overcoats, single clothes, pants and non-woven fabrics.

100% recycled polyester fiber can effectively remove the static electricity between ordinary materials, making it more effective in anti-static.

After that, carpet factories, clothing factories and car carpet factories have paid more and more attention to the high-quality substitutes of OeTer – to meet the demand, and now the digital printing technology is more and more.

Fabric: Acrylic floor, PVC board, etc. Printing process: offset printing, silk screen printing, heat transfer printing, digital direct spraying, white paper printing, thick plate paint digital hot stamping, etc.

We are committed to promotion and development, from the early single printing to the current mainstream printing. Our flat plate heat transfer printing machine presents a new style, which makes us see the charm and aesthetics of fashion. Any same pattern, different texture, we should also change. Colorful transfer.

Heat transfer printing is a new printing process that has been adhered to for more than 20 years, especially our personalized design. Heat transfer printing has been widely used in the whole industry. It has the characteristics of fast printing speed and stable quality.

With the intensification of market competition and the strict requirements of environmental protection in various countries, the heat transfer printing processing market appears uneven, and the order volume is increasingly complex.

Many enterprises need to make personalized digital printing customization. The printing ink used in digital printing is an independently developed ink, which has a high printing adsorption. It does not require a strong medium function, and can achieve the maintenance of multiple types of ink. Therefore, the key to the contact and heating between the digital printing equipment and the nozzle lies in two elements: the real printing effect can only be achieved through these parameters.

Digital printing processing digital transfer printing non-woven fabric wide digital printing clothing heat transfer printing children’s swimwear printing beach pants printing heat transfer printing mode digital printing positioning digital printing digital printing digital printing clothing digital printing application industry classification clothing fabric digital printing bag fabric digital printing home textile fabric digital printing toy fabric digital printing polyester fabric digital printing outdoor products fabric digital printing.

Clothes can be printed in such ways as cloth, cut pieces and ready to wear. Common fabrics: chiffon, copper coins, fiber printing, denim, etc.

In response to customer demand, all walks of life have developed new equipment suitable for fabric printing processing. The following specially printed small knitting will show you the three core technologies.

Full automatic garment printing machine is applied to the advantages of printing processing in garment industries such as T-shirts, skirts, children’s wear, jeans, casual pants, school uniforms, etc. If you can provide appropriate printing technology and high-quality solutions, where will it be used?

The printing machine is used for the dyeing of cotton, linen, silk, wool, chemical fiber and core spun yarn, as well as the printing of various fabrics such as carding, undershirt, curtain, flannelette, napping, leggings and flannelette. Only bA printing machines are produced with the machine, which is very convenient and fast.

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