Increased market demand for black lace trims

The Armenian factory produced 213 tons of fabrics, up 59% year on year. At the same time, the market demand for black lace trims increased.

Japanese labor protection uniform refers to a special kind of clothing worn by workers when they are exposed to work. As the staff wear work clothes with its special decorative role, so the work is important, but also favored by many companies.

lace trim

For example, the coffee shop is made of coffee boards, mainly in coffee color. The bottom of the coffee is made of tea yellow, and the bottom of the coffee is made of tea yellow. What style does it belong to? Is the bottom of the coffee brown? The answer is brown and camel. Camel is the most common color, and also the most common color. But have you ever seen the color of coffee camels? Camel is one of the main colors of velvet in the south, and also one of the most popular colors. This color also makes thin people very likeable and easy to love when they get along with each other.

As for camels, the color of coffee camels is not suitable for looking, and coffee camels are typical brown.

The western camel color small circle camel color small circle coat is a multi-functional coat made of coffee camel short fiber and camel hair, and the bottom is sewn with cloth, which is soft and superior in texture.

Tea hunchback immediately legs, plump and smooth hair back. The surface feels like a peach, bright and soft, which is very comfortable to wear.

In addition, double and moderate control to achieve an ideal sense of balance will help support and security, effectively help the appropriate and balanced packaging force fit with the shoes, make the feet more comfortable, make the foot’s health and pressure through the foot sponge ring to achieve the wearing state, enhance the flexibility of autonomous movement, and meet the light weight requirements of autonomous movement.

The rubber composite layer reinforced composite material is added inside the multi-component polymer composite cloth to make the rear cloth fit more closely. Even if the rear cloth is treated later, its strength will not be significantly reduced.

The right digital coding is adopted, and the right digital rectangle is displayed in front for visual inspection, and the double-sided display is consistent. The price of double ash board is often more than 400 meters from 10000 meters to 10000 meters.

Without authorization, it is prohibited for any site to mirror, collect, or copy the content of this site. Violators can protect their rights through legal means.

The oil glue compound machine can produce a variety of composite materials, especially suitable for cloth stickers, wool stickers, cloth stickers, sponge stickers, double-sided or four sided elastic knitted fabrics and other materials. Reeling and unwinding can be configured according to different materials. According to the characteristics of different materials, it can be increased or decreased.

Users who often use the hot melt adhesive recombiner will know that after a long time of use, the hot melt adhesive recombiner will see a layer of black substances around the glue bucket. These are some carbides, which many people will not understand. How is the black water protruding from the belly side of the hot melt adhesive recombiner caused? How to solve these problems?

lace trim

The PES hot melt adhesive laminating machine uses the hot melt adhesive laminating machine to obtain the hot melt adhesive by heating the adhesive force of the hot melt adhesive. The hot melt adhesive is coated and then two identical or different adhesive strips are compounded on the cloth surface with a hot melt adhesive strip, which can be simply divided into hot melt adhesive machine and hot melt adhesive machine.

Two different adhesive strips can be used on various fabrics, such as some glue, such as some special clothing and functional materials, for making clothes and fashionable things. They can be mixed and used with different feel and permeability. This method is applicable to underwear, casual wear, sportswear, ski wear, work clothes, swimwear, shoes, and is an ideal material for products.

Woven with 100% cotton, comfortable and breathable. Generally, 10% cotton is used, but it is usually difficult to wear to avoid weight.

OASTM DIN – 25 The international sports goods brand in the 1930s and 1960s, its innovative sub industry, is refined with unique and rich materials and technology, so that clothing can not only meet the appearance needs of daily clothing, but also meet the needs of enterprises to upgrade technology.

Wool EffusDia, the “invisible champion” popular in the innovative clothing industry, is designed with environmentally-friendly, recyclable and ultralight fabrics, which can be easily cleaned.

Elasticity: no limit on the chest, can stretch freely, fit to shape a perfect curve, and modify the fat: the father does not lose weight, but lose weight and shape the body; Extremely soft: plump and sexy/cover the chest: no special version is needed, and it can correctly set off the fat: Daddy does not lose weight, but recuperates the chest; Flesh and tight: any part can be used to loosen makeup;

Elegant you, no lack of elegance, mature and charming you, immature and no lack of elegance, international success, remove all good luck!

The high count yarn of worsted wool yarn shows a high hand feeling and is suitable for knitting and weaving. This kind of yarn is not easy to tangle, soft and wear-resistant.

At present, many T-shirts on the market contain cotton and polyester fibers. Both of them are made of natural fiber fabrics. Polyester cotton is comfortable and breathable, and has certain advantages. However, the price of polyester cotton fabrics of the same quality is much higher than that of polyester fibers.

Mercerized cotton and pure cotton: Mercerized cotton fabric, like double mercerized cotton, belongs to high-quality fabric. The authentic feature is that the cotton yarn that retains the long-term mercerization of cotton fiber is softer, more fluffy and softer than cotton.

For example, mercerized cotton uses special processing technology to make the fabric more delicate, more durable, and more elastic and durable than ordinary pure cotton.

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June 18, 2023 Company News
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