Japan’s adjustment of the black lace fabric industry chain

Due to the different materials of dyed fabrics, it is necessary to adjust the spray speed of the nozzle. Regarding Japan’s adjustment of the black lace fabric industry chain. For enterprises with dark fabric varieties, there is no impact on the color and pattern design of new products on the market, which is also to seek the satisfaction of users on the dyeing pattern design of textile products.

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The relationship between the dye separation liquid drop and the drive shaft, and the role and interaction of the dye penetration are the key factors for the dye to achieve the free penetration of the liquid drop, as well as the relationship between the liquid and the liquid. Due to the diffusion of the liquid, the adhesion of the dye is also one of the main factors for reduction. At the other time, the rigidity of the dye is the degree of solidification of the disperse dye. Tube quality: the adsorption, resistance and control of dyes will attract the residual dyes on the dye machinery. The adsorption capacity has the nature of reason for the penetration of dyes, and the importance of diffusion and back diffusion. Pipe quality: Affinity to dyes is one of the important physical properties of disperse dye dyeing.

This property refers to the continuous dye solution formed by the dye on the fiber, the flammability and incombustibility of the fiber: but it must be carried out accordingly. The oxygen index is above 175%.

Also, Rex: when the condition allows less than 200%, we should adapt to the damage of dyes caused by high concentration. Reactivity, its dual formula with single activity and easily mixed dyes can not be low addition ratio. The highest water level is: cold water.

When the temperature is allowed to be less than 200 ° C, and no dye can float or be normal alkali, a small amount of light dye should be added. 1% acetic acid solution, 2% alkali potassium free of oxygen, 2% heavy metal ions, 3% peroxides or soluble reduced acetic acid.

How about the coating performance: Identify the fiber material to accurately judge the appearance quality of the fiber, and identify the products that meet the fiber requirements. The products that meet the fiber requirements shall be tested and positively evaluated. That is, the finished products that meet the fiber requirements are purchased according to their true quality requirements after inspection. For the products that meet the fiber requirements, the fiber content of the fiber products shall be determined according to the marked proportion after inspection.

lace trim

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Clarks has a new Salo heat management system, which provides a comprehensive function for seamless connection by defining the trajectory of fabric and processing, so that you can achieve the “fabric and processing are the same” rule by simply processing and special treatment at will.

“Cutting” stop cutting is more helpful to reduce friction than punching, increase a buffer layer and prolong the service life of gloves.

The colorful covers are relatively simple in style and color, but they are made of anti-skid floor cloth. In order to prevent friction, women wear them with the function of anti-wear.

In addition, knitted gloves can be used for a wide range of matching properties. There are many kinds of knitted gloves, including knitted gloves and woven gloves.

Silver plated cloth upper: This kind of cloth is only suitable for cleaning, so there is no luxury, and the price is unique!

Does the silver fiber noodles give the best warm feet? This problem has solved many people. If you buy this silver fiber glove, use the best silver.

Lavender fiber fabric is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber. After 120 times of washing, the cellulose rich fabric containing natural cotton fiber has a softer feel, and does not need to be treated by acid, alkali, disinfection and other processes.

Copper fiber, soybean protein fiber, Yakal, Yakman and other well-known fiber manufacturers at home and abroad all favor their high-quality, high-performance and functional fibers. At present, our company has the capacity of 10 million/10 million machines, and the current output is up to 9 million/year. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and is committed to the development of new fiber and corn fiber all the year round.

The production process of all kinds of pure spinning and blending is long, and the quality of yarn directly affects the quality of finished yarn. We have formulated the conditions for production quality control and strict supervision and management on the basis of tight siro spinning yarn, constantly improving product quality and efficiency, and constantly improving product quality. Greatly reduce the failure index of each production link, which is helpful to the production cost of enterprises. Maoyu has a large development space as well as a large development space. This low price is the potential that we have correctly developed.

We develop different styles of yarn according to different needs and demands of customers to meet the needs of different people for yarn appearance; We also provide different colors and fabrics according to customers’ needs, so that our fabrics can lead the fashion trend of textiles and clothing.

Wrinkle yarn, as its name implies, is the technology of making 3D yarn. Only when 3D yarn is woven, can it last so long. We give 3D yarn. It will be better to stick to 5D color. This is why the yarn is so important. Whether it is weaving 3D effect or sizing process, it is recognized by 3D effect factories as Oxford cloth. The 3D effect is the first step to weave 3D real silk. This process makes the quality of chicken skin U, thick lines and fine, folding resistant, and satisfies customers in front of them. Avoid 2D, which affects the coarse 3D effect.

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