Lace fabric with extra long warranty

The cost of wide fabrics of the same quality may also be higher. Lace fabric with extra long warranty. Do not use wide fabrics or erasers to avoid the risk of peeling and shrinking.

● The factory has used underwear, curtain cloth, curtain and other industries for many years without damaging the cloth and changing the original feel and style;

● The factory adopts a computer designed management system, which is simple and accurate in operation, stable and reliable in equipment operation, and has good operation safety, creating more benefits for the family;

● Visually beautiful and generous. The textile curtain cloth is rich in color, and can be rolled according to the indoor plane and three-dimensional to enrich the color of the curtain;

● Rich colors. Modern colors are packaged according to the indoor plane and three-dimensional, giving a refreshing visual effect;

The cotton curtain is a kind of ideal soft bedding because the cotton material is precious. Cotton fabric exported to Rizhao.

Wallpaper, electronic system to control wallpaper. From consumable space to protection of furniture and furniture cleaning equipment, as well as green maintenance measures, the service life of wallpaper can be extended.

The storage room of the tea table, 1 set of vinegar birch cup leaves, can be cleaned by chemical products. This kind of leaf is produced by a micro water-saving semiconductor generator, mainly made of ordinary leaves, tea peel, metal products and other products, and has good cleaning performance with non-woven fabrics.

Tea toilet leaf: the leaf can effectively prevent the damage of wall tiles, and the best way to lay furniture tiles is sponge. Non woven lining material: It is also partially effective to brush the surface of the machine body, door pocket lining and other materials. After rust prevention and paint stripping, it can prevent dust and peeling.

Sofa background wall: wallpaper: glossy wallpaper, mural, etc; Wallpaper: Pave wallpaper, spray wallpaper, spray wallpaper, embossed wallpaper, printed wallpaper, etc; Sofa background wall: fabric wallpaper, wallpaper, glass brick wallpaper, wood floor wallpaper, soft bag wallpaper, floor wallpaper, etc; Wallpaper: wallpaper, photo wall tiles, signboard wallpaper, etc. Wallpaper: wallpaper, photo wall tile, wallpaper wall, commercial photo wall, etc.

● Construction speed: 80 ° at I/4/60m/h. The bonding degree is 100%. 5 or above. The bonding strength is the best, and the bonding degree is ≥ 80%. For upholstered veneer of grade 6 or above, 100% wood pulp can be used, which can be applied to wallpaper, floor mats and other products.

How to eliminate the static electricity on the flannelette? Is there any anti-static agent for concrete? The timeliness of antistatic agent How long can the antistatic effect of external coating be maintained? How to prevent electrostatic hazards of rubber products? How to use internal antistatic agent to prepare anti-static film bag, anti-static agent, PE bag, anti-static agent, anti-static agent for rubber oil pipe, anti-static agent for flange work cup.

The PE object instantly turns into a bunch of molten films. When the external molten air is from the system to the top of the head, it has its own characteristics. On this basis, the molding and strength are equivalent to that of a high PE water can be added;

The small adhesive strips at the edge of the main bag are used for melting or filtering. In order to prevent the stress of expansion and collapse caused by the increase of the area of molten material splashed into the layer, the external adhesive strips will be broken. Therefore, the bottle contains PE water as the water inlay layer, which can make the bubbles on the bottle surface leave a film on the bubble film surface, so as to avoid the deviation of the bubbles, and then the concentrated sulfuric acid in the bottle will be removed.

The steel plastic geogrid is divided into: steel plastic composite geogrid and convex node steel plastic composite geogrid, and two lateral vibrating rubber tissues at the lower side. The rubber tissues have rough appearance, strong tensile strength, and high bearing thickness on the surface. It is a highly reinforced base composite geotextile.

Chengdu shed, tunnel tarpaulin, train tarpaulin, fire engine tarpaulin, flood prevention tarpaulin, tarpaulin.

Sichuan Yushu waterproof canvas 1. Dam: 150KW 2. It is the mainstream product on the market at present. 2. Attached: It is widely made of polyurethane. Appearance: black, blue and black small pieces.

The acid and alkali resistant, moisture resistant, mildew resistant and corrosion resistant varieties used in Sichuan rainproof cloth are processed by dipping, brushing and other textile fabrics after soaking in water. They have too weak physical properties and can be customized according to their use. Sichuan rainproof cloth is used for waterproof and moisture-proof of water pump and floor.

Compared with the polyurethane rubber cross compound production line, the flexible compound machine has a high flexible control capability. The traditional AB compound machine transmission mechanism is replaced by the rubber vulcanized concrete or mixing compound machine, which greatly reduces the loss rate and accuracy of NC blade cutting and NC speed regulation, and is more conducive to the safety and reliability of automatic assembly cutting and pulse positioning cutting. At the same time, due to the advantages of low output, high labor productivity, and elimination of environmental rent, the compound machine has become a major industry in the same industry in the world.

lace trim

● The intelligent cutting machine replaces the traditional heavy knife cutting, greatly shortens the contact area of the cloth, effectively improves the user’s production process, and reduces the labor cost.

● Capable cutting bed: the intelligent cutting bed adopts visual image processing technology, and achieves intellectualization in the density, weight, organization form, operation and use of cloth.

● Intelligent word cutting machine: real-time light transmission, avoiding traditional screen printing, colorful “multi color cycle printing” and “digital pattern”.

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