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Lining cloth. Shirts are usually used on collars, cuffs, belts, length and other collars that require a permanent style. For most.

Lining cloth is a kind of lining cloth with good adhesion, because it can prevent the generation of static electricity without affecting the wearing. The addition to the interior of the cloth is not different from the cloth bottom, but helps to enhance the beauty of the clothing. Because the use of force makes the cloth not easy to wrinkle.

● Modeling design of clothing. Clothing modeling can conform to the modeling characteristics of clothing through the matching of clothing modeling.

● Stereoscopic cutting is mainly aimed at the principle of garment modeling. Stereoscopic cutting is usually used for all garments, such as body style, vertical cutting or three-dimensional modeling, and rotatable vertical cutting methods. All clothing vertical cutting is composed of clothing jacket, pants, cushion and cushion. Three dimensional cutting, so as to effectively shape the image of clothing through the accuracy of line cutting.

● Software popularization: clothing and silhouette are the inevitable trend of clothing development. When the fabric evolves into a content of&.

The first problem is the effect of customers. If there is no process of pre production and ready to wear, many production links need to be carried out.

● For clothes with large production demand, it is likely to require more efficiency to reach the standard? However, the success rate of pattern making may be limited to some extent, so for clothing manufacturers,

● The manager’s report at the first time of each year is based on the report of each member and brings losses to the two groups of sales representatives, so please pay attention to the following points when you find that the department is present.

Customized price, style, fabric and color of work clothes will be available, but they are not omnipotent. 3. Customized fabrics and colors of work clothes should be the same, and different fabrics should have different prices. For example, the price of different fabrics produced by the same manufacturer is different, especially in different cases of the same enterprise. Generally speaking, the price of different customized fabrics will be different, especially the weight, style and quantity of fabrics, which will also affect the customized price. Therefore, the price is different. If you need to contact me, you can ask.

lace trim

The delivery time of customized overalls and the customer’s style and quantity have basic provisions, which also prove the working environment of the same company. Generally, they are custom-made uniforms with their own factories. However, in some fields, only those who make work clothes during customization can do the work clothes. There are also work clothes processing factories. Some embroidery enterprises in Guangdong can make work clothes of various styles.

Some enterprises have a single style of customized work clothes. The fabric of work clothes determines the price and purchase cost of work clothes. What are the factors in the selection of customized work clothes and the price of work clothes in Guangdong.

Does the fabric used for winter work clothes contain matte flannel? That’s the kind of suit we wear everyday. Generally speaking, the work clothes are made of pure cotton. The work clothes with matt fabrics are made of polyester, cotton, rayon, copper ammonia fiber and other textile fabrics.

When choosing winter work clothes, you must choose fabrics with good warmth retention. In winter, fabrics with low temperature and poor moisture absorption and perspiration performance are more likely to generate static electricity, and will often generate heat due to friction due to dry weather. What batch numbers do you have for customized fabrics for winter work clothes.

There are many styles of customized work clothes, and many people do not know the difference between them. In fact, the same is true for customizing work clothes.

Breathable acid-base corrosion work clothes can maintain normal refrigeration of human body and reduce environmental pollution. When wearing anti radiation work clothes, do not scrub, regulate human microcirculation, and operate the microcirculation environment, which can enhance the external management level and appreciation of the microenvironment.

The air permeability tester for breathable work clothes simulates human sweat stains according to the rate and moisture permeability coefficient set by the sample and test mark, and fully automatically ventilates.

It focuses on the research and development of air purification equipment, quality management and renewable resources for air flotation and atmosphere, and develops a small amount of liquid limit annually.

The test samples contained in the materials, the interior materials, the fabrics with different ingredients and the combination design of different proportions of ingredients, the company has maintained close cooperation with major dyeing plants for many years.

Over the years, Zheng NI socks have created enough stable costs; On the basis of ensuring excellent resilience, we have gradually created products that are more in line with human characteristics and stand out at one stroke. In terms of product innovation, under the concept of active cooperation, Zheng NI continues to develop products that meet the public’s dress standards and personality, helping the brand achieve healthy and sustainable development.

“Only reciprocating development is supported here, and the third generation customers can entrust the third generation customers to carry out volume measurement”. Zheng NI will divide the number of existing employees to every foot, calculate the process “micro adjustment” that the current customers need to accept from the sample belt section of the product according to the number and data of customers, and accurately calculate the online force measurement for the equipment “and reasonable formula”, To help customers quickly and accurately analyze the high standard operating environment and intelligent operating system for positioning and satisfying the factory manufacturing process, so as to solve the problem of production mobilization and automatic management on the same day.

Surface calculation: the board made of 100% standardized polyester is taken after the external high-pressure inflation movement, and then it is made by a tube or rolled to the site.

Calculation of lightness value: determine the size, thickness and use of particles. Measurement: run the motor and measure through the optical path, calculate the polypropylene characteristics, feel, etc., and obtain the data within the indicated 45 ° range.

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